Written and directed by Tom Davis. Long Answers to Simple Questions and Gasworks Art Park (Vic). 4 – 7 June 2014.

Left is a wonderful circus work that explores community, relationships, loss and recovery while leaping, tumbling, balancing and juggling.

Reading the director’s program notes after the show was interesting. Learning that some performers had never been on stage before, and agreeing that the director’s visual aesthetic had been totally realized - “ to create a show that is just ‘theatre’ enough to retain the magic of a live show, and not so much that you forget you are watching real humans doing real, risky things”.

The use of real life anecdotes of mishaps while the cast re-enacted the event was a lovely touch, and overall the balance between actions and words was excellent. 

Staging was simple with a carpet of crash mats and some basic circus equipment. The flow from one act to the other worked well, however sometimes there was many things going on at once. The lighting design was strong on cross light as can be expected in a movement based performance and the lighting changes supported the feeling of each section. The choice of music was well suited to the action and was at a perfect volume.

This performance was a delight and I look forward to seeing future work from this talented group.

Shirley Jensen

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