Created by Filter and David Farr. Sydney Theatre. September 12 – 22, 2012.

Water is one of the most enchanting productions to grace the Sydney Theatre stage. It's beautiful, challenging, and captivating.

The theme of water runs throughout the story - illustrating how something so integral to the existence of human beings also unexpectedly affects our lives. A man grappling with the loss of a father he never really knew and a woman trying to save the world from dehydration, while at the same time wrestling with a collapsing relationship. The intersecting stories are simple portraits, told precisely and economically. They are heart-wrenchingly realistic and cut to the quick of human agony.

British theatre company Filter aims to expose the process of theatre throughout the production by incorporating the technical and stage-management aspects as part of the show. It is an intriguing approach and one that is very effective. The serenely beautiful last scene is stunning and is a must see.

Director David Farr and music and sound designer Tim Phillips deftly use technology such as Skype, live soundscapes and vocal manipulation throughout the show. The cast of three effortlessly jump between characters and story lines with clarity and dexterity.

Water bravely treads into those places we don't want to go because like sunburnt skin desperate to be quenched it hurts. This is not just a play, but a true theatrical experience.

Whitney Fitzsimmons

Image: Oliver Dimsdale, Ferdy Roberts and Poppy Miller in Filter Theatre’s Water. Photographer: Lisa Tomasetti

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