How to Make Snow

How to Make Snow
By Daniel Evans. The little red company & St Laurence’s College (Qld).20-22 December 2012

The cast of over sixty-five all-singing, all-dancing energetic teens and tweenies, and featuring stars Luke Kennedy, Mirusia Louwerse and Bryan Proberts, made this much more an entertainment spectacular than just a family Christmas show.

It launched a talented-beyond-his years Marco Ghikas as the pivotal Otis. With his potential, influenced by his three role models, who knows where he could end up in this industry - if he aspires to it.

Set and costume design by multi-awarded Josh McIntosh, Jason Glenwright’s lighting supporting him, choreography by Leah Shelton, sound design by Owen Forsyth, and the mainly-interpolated music in the hands of Luke Kennedy and Michael Manikus ─ this company aimed for top technical support, and they got it. Together they made magic happen: it snowed, onstage and over front rows. (Patrons were forewarned!)

This new South Brisbane $3M Edmund Rice Performing Arts Centre with a 1500 seat capacity (bigger and more leg room between rows than any of the QPAC theatres!) is a great new addition to cater for ‘big’ touring shows. SNOW effectively displayed the versatility of the fully equipped sound, lighting and staging possibilities.

What a wonderful opportunity for young performers with stars-in-their-eyes to play in the annual pre-Christmas presentation St Laurence’s College plans annually.

One gripe: the script is overwritten and vocabulary is aimed at far-too-high a level for the target audience. Author/director, Daniel Evans, overcame this by diverting us with dynamic spectacle.

Jay McKee

Photographer: Rebecca Green.

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