The Wonderful World Of Dissocia

The Wonderful World Of Dissocia
Sydney Theatre Company. Wharf 1. Until May 23.

Scottish playwright Antony Neilson’s play The Wonderful World Of Dissocia tells a story about a young woman’s descent into madness. In the first part of the play we follow Justine Clarke, who plays Lisa, entering the world of Dissocia, and encountering her illness in full, dangerous, exhilarating flight. After interval we see her going through the recovery process in hospital.
This was very provocative, involving and emotive theatre; at times hilariously funny and in other moments, gut-wrenchingly sad.
Helpmann award winning director Marion Potts’s production vibrantly brings Neilson’s play to life. Justine Clarke gives a commanding performance as Lisa. Russell Dykstra, Socratis Otto and Kate Box stood out in a strong supporting cast that played a vast, disparate array of characters from insecurity guards to oath-taking attendants to psychiatrists.
Nick Schlieper strikingly lit Alice Babbage’s askew set with the cast wearing Tess Schofield’s apt and flamboyant costumes.
David Kary

Photo: Justine Clarke together with two insecurity guards (Matt Day and Justin Smith). Photographer - Brett Boardman


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