Hot New LED Releases

Hot New LED Releases


ETC ColorSource PAR

In a sea of cheap LED fixtures, the ColorSource™ family of luminaires stands out. After years of research and testing, ETC has developed a state-of-the-art, budget-friendly LED PAR luminaire.

The ColorSource PAR benefits from ETC's extensive experience in LED colour-mixing, by using the proportionate recipe of red, green, blue, a twist of lime and an extra dash of red.

The unique blend adds depth, making a more natural, flattering light. Plus because it’s made by ETC, you get the industry leading quality and support that worldwide customers have come to know and love over the years.


From Resolution X

The ResX team is raving about the newly introduced Hercules battery LED washes. These units have a lot going on inside a small body. They’re ideal for outdoor applications and equipped with a 24v lithium battery, which means they can run completely wireless for up to nine hours.

While the Hercules is the perfect outdoor LED the sleek design and ability to hang means it’s equally at home in a ballroom or function space. The versatility of a manual zoom (15-30°) makes the Hercules a light that can accent a feature or wash a wall in ever changing colours.

“After 3 years of searching we’ve finally found something we like.” Tim Hall Managing Director of Resolution X.

From Philips Selecon

Delivering a smooth even beam, the PLCyc1 seamlessly blends intense washes of colour on cycloramas up to 5m high. Using LED source technology combined with a properly shaped asymmetrical reflector, the PLCyc1 delivers consistent light distribution without the compromising performance of vertical or horizontal spreader lenses.

Each luminaire can replace the equivalent of a traditional four colour 1000W per circuit Cyc luminaire, and with the convenient powercon system, the PLCyc1 can light a typical cyclorama with a single 10A non-dim circuit.

The PLCyc1 LED luminaire has an on-board LCD menu system for setup, control, and addressing. The menu system is intuitive and offers all configuration options with a few button presses.

Having trouble getting data to your light on set? All PLCyc1 luminaires support wireless DMX512 control for instant connections without running control wiring. Each optional wireless receiver also has a DMX512 out port to control adjacent luminaires. Receivers and transmitters are available from Wireless Solution, City Theatrical and Lumenradio.

All PLCyc1 luminaires support wired and wireless DMX512 control with a choice of 8- or 16-bit control resolution. With the increased development of LED luminaires like PL1 and PLCyc1 with 4 or more colours, additional control is needed for intuitive operation.

All Philips Strand Lighting Palette family controls now support extended colour control to simplify programming and luminaire colour matching.