Groping For Words
10 Dec 2018 - 12 Dec 2018
Tea Tree Players Theatre SA
Sue Townsend
Dramatic Comedy

Production : Groping For Words Written By : Sue Townsend To be Directed By : Sylvia Bolingbroke (e) (p) 0403 799 709 Production dates : Wednesday the 3rd of April to Saturday the 13th of April, 2019 Audition Dates : Monday December 10th and Wednesday December 12th, 2018 Synopsis Set in a small creche within a school building, Joyce, a middle aged and apparently successful Teacher takes on an Adult Literacy class of two students. Thelma, a trendy twenty year old nanny and George, who is living in a hostel. The initial meeting is interrupted by Kevin, the acting head caretaker and a bit of a tearaway. The play follows the interactions of this small group as the two students cope well and it becomes clearly evident that Kevin has more than a passing interest in their activities, drawing to a heart warming conclusion. Cast of Characters Kevin (early 20 ish) Kevin is brash loud and full of himself but has a soft centre when he gets to know you . - 370 Cues Joyce (mid 40 to 50) Joyce is childless and has no one who needs her so she’s trying to make difference anyway she can. - 401 cues Thelma (very young, 20 going on 17) Thelma thinks she is stupid because she’s been told this most of her life,she just wants to keep her job. 249 Cues George (50 ish) George is a good kind man who people usually take advantage of - 311 Cues

Into the Woods
26 Aug 2018 - 29 Aug 2018
The Midnite Youth Theatre Company WA
Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine
Musical Theatre
08 9442 1677

Director Gregory Jones Musical Director Jackson Griggs The Midnite Youth Theatre Company is excited to announce the auditions for The Ensemble production of the musical, Into the Woods to be staged at the Studio Underground – State Theatre Centre of WA. The auditions will be open to performers aged 18 to 25 years. Venture into the woods with the acclaimed Tony Award winning musical classic by Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine. This witty and wildly theatrical production brings together a talented ensemble of 18 to 25 -year-old emerging performers, and features dazzling songs like Children Will Listen, Agony and No One Is Alone. Mind the wolf, heed the witch and honour the giant in the sky at this extraordinary musical about the power of wishes and what really happens after they come true. Rehearsals begin Sunday 1 September and continue: Wednesday 7pm – 9.30pm and Thursday 7pm – 9.30pm, Sunday 1pm to 5pm Venue: Drama Centre, Christ Church Grammar School from August to November. 5 Performances: Wed to Sat: Nov 28, 29, 30, Dec 1, at 7.30pm Sat Dec 1. Matinee at 2.00pm Venue: Studio Underground – State Theatre Centre of WA, Northbridge AUDITIONS: Sun 26 Aug, 1pm – 5pm Wed 29 Aug, from 6.30pm Call backs Thurs 30 Aug (if required) Email and visit our website for details.

Life and Beth
22 Oct 2018 - 24 Oct 2018
tea tree players theatre SA
Alan Ayckbourn
Dramatic Comedy

To be Directed by : Samuel Creighton (e) (p) 0467 395 135 Production Dates : February 13th to the 23rd, 2019 8pm, Wednesday the 3rd of February, 2019 - 6th of February, 2019 8pm, Tuesday the 9th of February, 2019 - Saturday the 13th of February, 2019 2:30pm Matinee on both Saturdays (6th and 13th) Audition Dates : 7:30pm Monday 22nd October and Wednesday 24th of October, 2018 Rehearsal times : 7pm - Tuesday and Thursday evenings from late November until Christmas. (Christmas and new years week off) 7pm - Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Sunday afternoons from the start of January until the Production run. Synopsis : It's Christmas, and Beth Timms is mourning the recent death of her health and safety officer husband, Gordon. Beth's sister-in-law Connie and son Martin have come to stay, determined to ensure that she should have a stress-free Christmas, but between Connie's drinking problem and Martin's unspeaking and emotionally volatile girlfriend Ella, their intentions prove to be short-lived. Only David, the local vicar, provides Beth with any comfort, but when he says a prayer for her bereavement he unwittingly summons Gordon's ghost to return to the family home. Gordon has been busy implementing health and safety measures in the afterlife and is now determined to stick around to help Beth manage her affairs. It soon becomes apparent, however, that his return is not altogether welcome. The view that Beth cannot manage without Gordon is shared by most of the characters – Connie, David, Martin, and Gordon himself – with Beth alone in believing she's coping that only grows stronger by the minute. Cast of Characters : (3F3M) Please NOTE : The ages stated are quite broad as Cast will be matched according to the best suited for their respective roles and believability as husband/wife, mother/son, etc. Please Feel free to audition Character (Gender) (approx stage age) Description. Cues. Beth Timms (F) (40's-60's) a recently bereaved widow, very much subservient to her husband during their marriage but now living her own life. 457 cues Gordon Timms (M) (40's - 60's) Beth's late overbearing and pedantic husband, formerly a Health and Safety officer. 72 cues Martin Timms (M) (20-40) Gordon and Beth's son, well-meaning but inheriting all of the worst attributes of Gordon. 156 cues Ella Packer (F) (18-35) Martin's new chef girlfriend, overpowered by Martin's misplaced affection, silent (bar one exception) throughout the play, although the mood she is in is always abundantly clear. (a 'plenty of scope to play with' acting role) 48 Visual cues, 5 Verbal Connie Bunting (F) (50's - 60's) A well intended, sophisticated train wreck that knows exactly what the bottom of a bottle of merlot looks like. Of the belief that she has been marginalised by her family in favour of her late brother. - 161 cues David Grinseed (m) (40's - 60s)the local vicar, with a badly-concealed longing for Beth. 123 cues