Blanke Knochen Opera 2017 Season - Open Audition
13 Nov 2016
Blanke Knochen Opera VIC

We will be holding open auditions for our 2017 opera season. All voice types are needed. To book a 15 minute timeslot, click here: Please prepare the following: 1 × art song in either French or German 1 × aria in any language 1 × Shakespearean monologue

A Chorus Line
12 Nov 2016 - 13 Nov 2016
Beaumaris Theatre VIC
. Book by James Kirkwood and Nicholas Dante. Music by Marvin Hamlisch
0401 450 979

Director- Debbie Keyt Musical Director- Rhonda Vaughan Choreographer- Camilla Klesman A CHORUS LINE is a stunning musical-vérité about a chorus audition for a Broadway musical. It tells of the achingly poignant ambitions of professional Broadway gypsies to land a job in the show, and is a powerful metaphor for all human aspiration. Memorable musical numbers include I Can Do That, At the Ballet, Dance: Ten; Looks: Three, The Music and the Mirror, What I Did for Love, One (Singular Sensation) and I Hope I Get It. It is a brilliantly complex fusion of dance, song and compellingly authentic drama. The show was instantly recognized as a classic. Season Dates Friday 3rd March 8pm 2017 Saturday 4th March 8pm 2017 Sunday 5th March 5pm Friday 10th March 8pm 2017 Saturday 11th March 8pm 2017 Sunday 12th March 5pm 2017 Thursday 16th March 8pm 2017 Friday 17th March 8pm 2017 Saturday 18th March 8pm 2017 Rehearsals Rehearsals will be held each Tuesday and Friday evening from 7.30-10.30pm and Sunday afternoons 2pm-5pm Our first rehearsal will be Tuesday 22nd November 2016 at 7.30pm. We will have a three week break over the festive season and our final rehearsal before Christmas will be on Tuesday 13th December and rehearsals will recommence on Sunday 8th January 2017. Rehearsals are held at Beaumaris Theatre 82 Wells Road Beaumaris. Audition Requirements Auditions will be held on Saturday 12th November 2016 and Sunday 13th November 2016 from 10am to 5pm at Beaumaris Theatre 82 Wells Road Beaumaris. Auditions will be 15 minutes duration and by appointment. Please prepare a solo song from A Chorus Line or another musical theatre ballad or up tempo song in the style of the show that suits the character you are auditioning for in that characters singing range and that shows off your vocal capabilities. Please bring sheet music, USB backing track or CD to accompany you. Please prepare a 45second to 1 minute jazz routine and please bring your accompanying music on USB or CD. You will also be taught a short tap routine at your audition to perform for the panel. We will give details of the acting component at the audition. Please wear dance clothes or comfortable attire and please bring jazz or character shoes and tap shoes. We ask that you also please bring a detailed theatrical resume highlighting all your experience and training with a recent head shot. Character Descriptions ZACH: Male. Non-singing role. Stage age is anywhere from late 30’s to early 50’s. The director and choreographer of the show. Zach is charismatic, talented, experienced, professional and confident. He has a commanding presence and knows exactly what he wants. He has a short temper and also has a softer, caring side. LARRY: Male. Tenor. Zach’s assistant. Stage age is 30’s -40’s. Larry is confident and charismatic and an excellent dancer who takes the cast through their routines with great authority and prowess. He has a sensitive and caring nature too. ALAN DELUCA: Male. Baritone. Al is very confident, straight, macho and street savvy. He is newly married to Kristine and finishes her sentences and tends to speak for her. BEBE BENZENHEIMER: Female. Alto. She is very insecure about her looks, and is always joking which is a cover for her insecurities. She feels a little excluded and just wants to be loved and accepted. BOBBY MILLS: Male. Baritone. Bobby is extremely flamboyant, clever, witty and a little nasty. He has a very sharp tongue. He covers everything over with a joke and had a difficult childhood. CASSIE FERGUSON: Female. Soprano. Cassie is an outstanding veteran dancer and is slightly older than the others and she is returning to the chorus after years of being a successful featured and solo performer. She is kind hearted and very likeable. She had a relationship with Zach a few years earlier and there is a little tension between them. CONNIE WONG: Female. Alto. Connie is an experienced dancer, who is not very tall (4ft 10 as is described in the song). She is married and likes to nurture the others and she has a bubbly personality and a great sense of humour. Connie was Asian in the original production, but nationality is not as important as height. DIANA MORALES: Female. Alto. Diana is streetwise, a little bit tough and an eternal optimist who is starry eyed and positive. She is a determined dancer and actress who speaks from the heart. She is of Puerto Rican descent. DON KERR: Male. Baritone. Don is married, but still a ladies man and into cars, money and living life in the fast lane. He is hedonistic, cool, flirts with the girls and is very sure of himself. He is an all American guy with a rather cocky attitude. GREGORY GARDENER: Male. Baritone. Gregory is gay and has lived a very full and risqué life. He is very conscious of how he looks and appears to others. He can be quite condescending and a bit of a wise-guy. JUDY TURNER: Female. Mezzo. Judy is fun, ebullient and slightly ditzy but she is also warm, friendly and hopeful. She is a little awkward except when she is dancing. KRISTINE URICH: Female. Mezzo. Kristine is wide¬‐eyed and naive. She is very nervous when she is not dancing. She and Al are newly- weds. Her character is written as a non-singer, although it is important that the performer playing her can sing and acts like she can’t. MAGGIE WINSLOW: Female. Soprano. Maggie is a girl-next door sweetheart and a dreamer. She is a very experienced dancer with a strong background in ballet. MARK ANTHONY: Male. Tenor. Mark is the youngest guy and optimistic and wanting his big break. He is a naive yet charming excellent dancer and all-¬‐American kid who is hopeful, fresh and obsessed with sex. MIKE COSTA: Male. Tenor. Mike is quite determined, cocky and sure of himself yet extremely likeable. He is an outstanding tap dancer. He enjoys flirting with the girls. PAUL SAN MARCO: Male. Baritone. Paul is introverted and insecure but adores performing. He¬ is starting to feel comfortable about being gay and accepted by his parents. He is from Spanish Harlem, New York and is friends with Diana. RICHIE WALTERS: Male. Tenor. Richie is an incredibly strong dancer who is enthusiastic, cool and funny. He is very likeable and laid-back. The original actor was African-American but it is not an essential pre-requisite. SHEILA BRYANT: Female. Alto. Sheila is the oldest dancer on the line and is very showy, sexy, bitchy and sophisticated. She is a popular dancer who is always joking and likes to have the last word. VALERIE CLARK: Female. Mezzo. Val is sexy, sassy and funny and she loves to be centre of attention and flaunts her body by wearing skimpy attire. She boasts about her plastic surgery to improve her looks and her chances. Additional cast members: Vicki Tricia Lois -Ballerina Frank- Head band boy Butch Roy- wrong arm boy Tom- counts with his mouth These seven performers are all ‘cut’ in the first round during the opening number and will double as our pit-singers for the show and need to be strong dancers as well who look like they could make it and only just miss out. The minimum age for our performers is 18 at the time of auditions. We are looking for passionate triple threats who are exceptional dancers, singers and actors who adore performing and are willing to work diligently with devotion and dedication to bring this marvellous character driven iconic production to life. Please call Director Debbie Keyt on 0401 450 979 with any questions and to book an audition time. “One singular sensation!”

A Midsummer Night's Dream
26 Nov 2016 - 27 Nov 2016
Eltham Little Theate VIC
William Shakespeare
9382 6284

A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare Directed by Drew Mason Auditions Saturday 26 November 12 pm Sunday 27 November 1 pm Audition will consist of presenting one short prepared sonnet or speech from Shakespeare as well as reading from selected scenes from the play with other auditionees. Please be prepared to spend some time at the audition. Performances Feb 24 to March 5 (will be approximately 9 shows over two weekends-possibly two performances each Saturday) Audition and Performance location: Eltham Little Theatre @ Eltham Perfoming Arts Centre 1603 Main Rd Research Vic Synopsis Midsummer is one of Shakespeare's most well known and widely performed plays. The play deals with the clash of the human world and that of the faeries....comic misunderstandings, love, marriage, confusion and magic. It's about the world's most popular pastime: falling in love. But as Puck knows, falling in love can make fools of us all. Love is crazy, love is mad. Will love win out in the end? This production will be set in the 1960s with an eclectic look and sound: a multicultural cast and great folk music score highlighting the dawn of a new era....and lots of psychedelics! Characters Males: Oberon/Theseus (most likely doubled) 30+ Lysander: early 20s Demetrius: early 20 Bottom: age open Flute: age open Egeus: 40+ Females: Titania/Hippolyta (most likely doubled): 30+ Hermia: early 20s Helena: early 20s the following roles can be played by either male or female actors: Quince: age open Starveling: age open Snug: age open Snout: age open Puck/Philostrate (most likely doubled): age open Faeries: age open (these characters could possibly be doubled with the Mechanicals) Please note: I am particularly looking for a multicultural cast for this production. One of the 1960s contexts I wish to explore is that of interracial love and marriage and the challenges to “free love” imposed by society. The faeries will be portrayed as part of the hippy movement, so I would like to see a range of faces, shapes and sounds. I would also very much like to see the same reflected with the human characters.

Celebrity Cruises Productions Audition
29 Nov 2016 - 5 Dec 2016
Celebrity Cruises Productions NSW
Cruise Line

SYDNEY November 29th, 2016 Sign-in @ 9:30am - Open Dance Call for Dancers *Singer-Dancers must also attend the dance call prior to the singing call on the following day. November 30th, 2016 Sign-in @ 9:30 am - Open Singer Call Afternoon - Private Agent Appointments and Singer Recalls SYDNEY DANCE COMPANY The Wharf, Pier 4 15 Hickson Road Sydney NSW 2000 MELBOURNE December 2nd, 2016 Sign-in @ 9:30am - Open Dance Call for Dancers *Singer-Dancers must also attend the dance call prior to the singing call on the following day. December 3rd, 2016 Sign-in @ 9:30 am - Open Singer Call Afternoon - Private Agent Appointments and Singer Recalls Patrick Studios Australia 2/359 PLUMMER STREET PORT MELBOURNE, VICTORIA 3207 Melbourne GOLD COAST (Dancers only) December 5th, 2016 Sign-in @ 9:30am - Open Dance Call for Dancers Ikin Dance Australia 07 5522 1863 5 17 Crown Court Varsity Lakes QLD 4227 Seeking: Female and Male Singers: Seeking powerhouse vocalists: Edgy, striking women with a strong pop or rock mix/belt to F5 and legit to C6, and strong, athletic, full-voice baritenors to A4 and tenors to C4 with strong falsetto extension. Ideally all singers will read music, have good harmony skills and move confidently. Female and Male Singers who Dance: Seeking true triple threats: We require experienced and technically trained vocalists with a strong dance background in jazz, ballet, tap & partnering. All Female Dancers must be able to perform in 3 inch heels including turns, leaps, floor drops & partnering. Especially seeking women 5’5” – 5’9” with a strong rock belt and men 5’8”-6’1” with rock baritenor to A4 or tenor to C4. Must be capable of understudying lead vocalist tracks as well as performing in the ensemble of dancers. **Those interested, please attend the dance call first, and then you will be asked to come back and sing in the afternoon** Female and Male Dancers: Seeking Female Dancers (5’5”-5’9”) and Male Dancers (5’8”-6’1”). Especially seeking fit, athletic, technically trained dancers with a strong background in jazz, ballet, contemporary, commercial, tap & partnering. Male dancers should have a strong physique, be capable of lifts and be comfortable performing onstage shirtless when required. Females should have lean silhouettes. Gymnastics, aerial training, tumbling & partnering skills are a plus! Aerial Opportunity: Dancers interested in aerial tracks must possess well developed, strong bodies to sustain the rigorous demands of aerial work. Aerial performers must be willing to work at heights of up to 30’. All Female Dancers must be able to perform in 3 inch heels including turns, leaps, floor drops & partnering. What to Bring: Please bring a stapled headshot and resume (CV) to the audition. Vocalists should present their best 16 bars and have a contrasting piece ready if asked. Please note -- We are not looking for traditional musical theatre voices. We encourage singers to showcase only their best pop/rock audition material. An accompanist will be provided at the auditions and sheet music in the proper key is required. Female Dancers should be prepared to dance in 3" heels and men should bring character/jazz shoes. You must be a minimum 18 years of age to audition. Performers of all ethnicities are encouraged to attend.

CHICAGO The Musical
28 Nov 2016 - 1 Dec 2016
Ashfield Musical Society NSW
Music by John Kander // Lyrics by Fred Ebb // Book by Ebb and Bob Fosse

CHICAGO: The Musical - Ashfield Musical Society (May 2017) In roaring twenties Chicago, Roxie Hart murders a faithless lover and convinces her hapless husband Amos to take the rap... until he finds out he's been dumped and turns on Roxie. Convicted and sent to death row, Roxie and another "Merry Murderess" Velma Kelly, vie for the spotlight and the headlines, ultimately joining forces in search of the "American Dream": fame, fortune, and acquittal. Premiering in 1975 and the hit of the 1997 Broadway season in a production that originated at City Centre’s Encore! Series, CHICAGO won six Tony Awards including Best Revival and later, the Academy Award as Best Picture of the Year - AUDITION PACK - Audition pack can be found on Ashfield Musical Society's Facebook group - or by emailing Wendy - - AUDITION DATES - Monday 28th November 2016 @ 7:30pm-10:30pm Thursday 1st December 2016 @ 7:30pm-10:30pm - AUDITION BOOKING - You must book a time for your audition by calling Wendy on 9793 1331 or 0434 584 783 - PRODUCTION TEAM - Director - Wendy Twiner Musical Director - Richard Sandham Choreographer - Fleur Anderson - PRODUCTION DATES - 19, 20, 26 & 27 May 2017 @ 8:00pm 20, 21, 27 & 28 May 2017 @ 2:00pm

Moon Over Buffalo
11 Nov 2016 - 3 Dec 2016
The Basin Theatre VIC
Ken Ludwig
Joe Tuppenney 8288 2374

A reading combining auditions will be held at the Basin Theatre , the Basin on Wednesday 31st May, starting at 7pm for our season 4 production “Moon Over Buffalo” directed by Joe Tuppenney. This play is an extremely funny farce written by Ken Ludwig who also wrote “Lend Me A Tenor” Cast required 4 males and 4 females two of the females have been precast. Rehearsals will be three times per week through September, October with the play opening 11th November through to the 3rd December Actors required are: 1 female 50’s (lead) 1 male 50’s (lead) 1 male 20- 30’s 1 male 30’s 1 male 50’s 2 females both late 20’s to early 30 ‘s Also looking for lighting design and operators, sound design and operators, set builders.

21 Nov 2016 - 23 Nov 2016
Dural Musical Society NSW
Lionel Bart

Head to our website to find Information Pack and booking links

23 Feb 2017 - 18 Mar 2017
The Basin Theatre VIC
Richard Harris
0400 350 792

A hilarious comedy set against a cricket pavilion about the trials and tribulations of the players and their wives and girlfriends. Roger has his work cut out as he desperately tries to assemble a cricket team to play against the British Railways Maintenance. However, these problems are the least of his worries compared to the complications occurring amongst their wives and girlfriends who try to help and hinder to devastating effects. Audition Date: Sept 25th at 2:00 PM Males: 5 - 20’s - 50’s Females: 4 - 20’s - 50’s ROGER: 40-50’s. Team organiser married to Miriam. MIRIAM: 40-50’s. Puts up with Roger’s uncaring attitude. She is the real organiser. KEVIN: 30-40’s. Team spin bowler friend of Roger, often behaves like a sulking child. Married to Maggie. MAGGIE: 30-40’s. Kevin’s wife who adores him and DIY instead of domestic chores. BOB: 40-50’s. Married to Ginnie, but spends a lot of time with his ex-wife. GINNIE: 30-40’s. Long suffering second wife to Bob. DENNIS: 40-50’s. Carpet salesman, fancies himself as a ladies man. ALEX: 30. The only unmarried team member and the best batsman. Private education, now a lawyer.

STARBOUND 13 - Musical Theatre Workshops
20 Nov 2016
Launchpad Drama VIC
Jason Parker

This summer, Launchpad – Youth Musical Theatre Workshops will offer 2 weeks of exciting songs and electric choreography taught by practicing performing arts professionals and teachers that culminates in ‘STARBOUND 13’ a huge showcase of 20 songs from Broadway and Off Broadway shows. Students will have the opportunity of receiving over 100 hours of performance training whilst learning the songs and routines from some of Broadway’s new and classic shows such as Hamilton, Songs for a New World, We Will Rock You, Amazing Grace, Mamma Mia, Into the Woods, Spring Awakening, Anything Goes and more. Each cast member will experience a range of singing teachers, directors and choreographers. The songs and teaching will provide opportunities for dance, acting and vocal variety. Here’s a chance to learn in a fun, professional and challenging environment, meet new friends, make contacts and perform a breathtaking show. WORKSHOP/REHEARSALS: Sunday 8th to Saturday 21st January, 2017 (over 100 hours of training) PERFORMANCES: Friday 20th and Saturday 21st, January, 2017. Workshop Location: Strathcona, Canterbury. Performance Location: McComas Theatre, Scotch College, Hawthorn. Cost: $400 (less than $4 per hour) Auditions: Sunday 20th of November – 3 times slots (11am, 1pm or 3pm) For more information contact: Jason Parker on 0425 760 470 or You can find STARBOUND 13 on Facebook and past show songs on youtube.

The Book of Everything
27 Mar 2016 - 22 Apr 2017
Castle Hill Players NSW
Adapted by Richard Tulloch from the novel by Guus Kuijer
gentle family drama
0412 386 943

Thomas is nine and he's started writing a book. His father says all important books are about God. Even so, Thomas writes down all the interesting things he sees that other people seem to ignore: tropical fish in the canal, a deluge of frogs, the Son of God popping in for a chat... He also writes down his greatest determination: When I grow up, I'm going to be happy. Featuring Jesus, the angels, the Bottombiter, the startling Mrs Van Amersfoort and a beautiful girl with a leather leg, this is a totally magical story about a child learning how to to act when faced with fear and injustice.

The Tale of Ichabod Scrubb (Folktale play with songs)
24 Jan 2017 - 4 Feb 2017
Pinwheel Productions NSW
Alex Giles & Kaleigh Wilkie-Smith
Folktale Play with Songs
0438 987 023

An original work, 'The Tale of Ichabod Scrubb' features lo-fi theatrical elements, and combines songs, shadow puppetry and the magic of theatre to tell the folktale of a boy's epic quest to save his sister. To be performed @ Blood Moon Theatre, World Bar, Kings Cross, NSW. Auditions NOW! 7:30pm - 9:30pm July 5, 6, 12 13

Wet n Wild Sydney
27 Oct 2016 - 31 Oct 2016
Wet n Wild Sydney NSW
Kermond Creative
Character Work

AUDITION NOTICE Wet n Wild Sydney are looking for “scare-actors” to be part of their Entertainment Team. Are you the type of person who loves having fun and is a little crazy ☺ Would you like to be a part of a performance team at the upcoming Wet n Wild Fright Nights? All Welcome …… We are looking for varying personalities, ages and body shapes from 18 – 65 years. You will be paid to dress-up and have fun. You must be available evenings on 27, 28, 29, 30, 31 October for approx 5 hours each night. If this sounds like you then don’t delay ….. Auditions are being held this Monday 10th Oct To attend you must register by emailing to following info Name: Age: Mobile number: Preferred time 5pm or 7pm: To: We will then email you a confirmation with Audition details & times.