Sydney Venue Abruptly Closes

Sydney Venue Abruptly Closes

An intimate new Sydney theatre venue has abruptly closed its doors without explanation. The website of Limelight on Oxford Street was taken down yesterday and producers of a year of musical and cabaret, programmed for 2019, are looking for a new venue.

The venue was launched last year in a beautiful old three level terrace on Oxford Street Darlinghurst. The facilities included a ground floor piano bar and eatery plus a middle floor lounge bar which hosted live theatre, music, cabaret, comedy performances and other events.

The venue managers previously ran a similar enterprise at the Depot Theatre in Marrickville. Prior to that they ran the Old Fitz for a short period of time.

The current manager of the Old Fitz has offered to host any shows that are homeless.

On his facebook page Andrew Henry wrote "Anyone that lost out of a show because of ‘limelight’. Please get them to email me directly at and I will do my best to give them a home- they will have to be late shows but we will do a deal so that they can still present their work.

"I don’t know how many shows this effects but Red Line will try and help whoever we can/ if we can. Please spread the word. Their website has been taken down so I don’t know who is affected."