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Doggone it! Footrot Flats is a Musical

POPULAR New Zealand ’80s comic strip Footrot Flats springs from the page to the musical stage March.

Presented by Laughing Horse Productions and Roleystone Theatre (WA) and based on Murray Ball’s cartoons, the characters come to life as Wal and his trusty border collie, Dog, deal with the daily struggles of farming life and the temptations of Cheeky Hobson.

The story involves the claims of town versus country as Cheeky tries to lure Wal away from the farm and the very real possibility of the farm being sold.


Restoration Comedy a Timely Romp for Adelaide’s Stirling Players

Adelaide audiences always look forward to shows in the hands of well-known director Dave Simms because he has the happy knack of choosing plays outside the mainstream, adding his signature touch of professionalism to productions and invariably ensuring a hit.

Swinging From The Chandelier…

The house full signs have gone up, but not all community theatre productions of The Phantom of the Opera have gone without a hitch. Sally Alrich-Smythe took time out of a Phantom rehearsal to peer behind the mask.

“Don’t even think about auditioning for Christine if you can’t hit the high E.” That statement uttered by a director, embodies for me, the aura surrounding Phantom

Local Triple Bill at Limelight Theatre

THEY say good things in come threes – and Limelight Theatre (WA) is starting 2015 with a trio of short plays.

Deadly Relations, written and directed by Bob Charteris, follows the unexpected events that occur after Mrs Owens’ death.

On the day of her funeral, a detective calls in relation to a hit-and-run accident that involved Mrs Owens' car.

There is a simple explanation – but Mr Owens appears to have something to hide.

Creep, Kooky Addams Family Musical for Phoenix Ensemble

They're creepy and their kooky, mysterious and spooky...The Addams Family is coming to the Pavilion Theatre in the Beenleigh Showgrounds from February 13, bringing all their wacky weirdness with them.

Phoenix Ensemble (Beenleigh, Queensland) kicks off its 2015 season with The Addams Family musical, a fun production that's been delighting Broadway audiences since 2010.

For Director Morgan Garrity it's a chance to work creatively with characters she's loved for years.

The Music of the Night for Parramatta

The most successful stage musical of all time, The Phantom of the Opera, will burst onto the Riverside stage at Parramatta (NSW) in February 2015. Presented by Packemin Productions and the creative team responsible for productions of Beauty and the Beast, Annie and Hairspray in recent years.

Summer Shorts at Melville

IT’S a case of once, twice, three times a play at Melville Theatre (WA) in February and March 2015.

Three short plays – all playing on the same night – are being presented under the banner of Summer Shorts, providing a diverse mix of intrigue, comedy and reflections on life.

An Unwritten Pageby Angela Pritchard provides a snapshot of life’s hopes and dreams when two friends arrive to help Ben celebrate his 40th birthday.

Heidelberg Premieres When Dad Married Fury

Heidelberg Theatre Company’s first production for 2015 is the Australian non-professional premiere of When Dad Married Fury by David Williamson.

Written in 2011 ‘Fury’ is set against a background of the Global Financial Crisis, from which multi-millionaire Alan Urquart has apparently emerged mysteriously unscathed, unlike many of his investors!

Alan returns to Australia to celebrate his 70th birthday and introduce his new 33year old bride to his two sons and their families.

Daylight Savings at Castle Hill

How wonderful is daylight saving, when you can suspend time for one extra hour. When memories of past relationships can be a sunny comfort when life is not at its brightest. What would you do if an old flame from your younger days calls you while your workaholic husband has chosen to be away on your anniversary to fly overseas again?

The answer soon becomes apprent in the season opening Australian comedy Daylight Savings at Castle Hill Players (NSW).

Panic Stations: Farce at Garrick

A MIX of confusion, surprising disasters, eccentric characters, sexual escapades and misunderstandings form the recipe for the first season of 2015 at Garrick Theatre (WA).

Written by Derek Benfield and directed by Fred Petersen, Panic Stations follows the hapless Chester Dreadnought who becomes embroiled in one debacle after another when he unsuspectingly buys a property near an artillery range destined for demolition.

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