Community Theatre

90 Minutes to Save a Marriage

MADONNA and Justin Timberlake only had four minutes to save the world – but is 90 minutes enough to save a marriage at Garrick Theatre in WA?

Written by Australian playwright Joanna Murray-Smith, Ninety is a short portrait of a failed marriage where an artist and her ex-husband have one last 90-minute conversation before he gets re-married to a young European starlet.

The 2008 play is the story of Isabel seeking closure while William tries to run from memories of their relationship, both good and bad.

Chilling and Killing My Annabel Lee

Brighton Theatre Company (Vic) presents Chilling and Killing My Annabel Lee by Aidan Fennessy from August 23 – September 6, 2014

"For the moon never beams without bringing me dreams of the beautiful Annabel Lee …"

Edgar Allan Poe's poem of love and obsession weaves its way through this psychological murder mystery, where nothing is what it seems. A young woman is found murdered near the ice-works. An unscrupulous publisher has an old manuscript that details the crime. But who is the author?

Provocative Comedy Explores Power Play Between Sexes

A PLAY from an award-winning NYPD Blue writer comes to Melville Theatre in September 2014, evoking the themes of Pygmalion and My Fair Lady with a more intense approach for 2014.

Written by Theresa Rebeck and directed by Trevor Dhu, Spike Heels is a contemporary comedy of manners set in Boston that explores sexual harassment, misplaced amour and the possibility of a four-sided love triangle.

Plays Go Head-to-head in Dramafest

COMEDY, drama, satire and social commentary come together in a celebration of theatre this September as the Independent Theatre Association (WA) presents Dramafest.

Held from September 22 to 28, 2014 at Playlovers, based at Floreat’s Hackett Hall, Dramafest is an opportunity to see a plethora of theatre in a short amount of time.

Each night three one-act (short) plays from metropolitan and country theatres go head-to-head in competition to show off their skills, both on stage and behind the scenes.

Impromptu Impro 3

The saga continues.

The people that have no idea what they are doing, return for a third time to bring their audience, sometimes at the cost of their own self dignity, an hilarious night of entertainment.

Players from the peninsular and all around Melbourne are set the task to play a bunch of improvisation games, scenes and skits, mixed in with suggestions or even participation from the audience. Live theatre to the extreme, without a safety net, and with little idea of what will happen next is the promise.

CLOC Celebrates One Elle of a Musical

CLOC is saluting the modern musical comedy as it proudly presents the return to Melbourne of the effervescent, effusive and very pink Legally Blonde: The Musical.  Based on the hit movie of the same name, Legally Blonde  follows blonde and bubbly Elle Woods who, having been dumped by her boyfriend for not being ‘serious’ enough, enrols in Harvard Law School in an attempt to win him back, taking her lovable chihuahua Bruiser with her.

MUSE Repertory Season 2014

This year, the University of Sydney Musical Theatre Ensemble embarks on an ambitious season of firsts. Playing for two weeks at the King Street Theatre, the society will present Sondheim’s Anyone Can Whistle and the Australian debut of Schmidt and Jones’ 110 in the Shade from 15th-25th October, 2014.

Australian Premiere of Musical ’50s Sci-fi Movie Spoof

A musical send-up of ’50s sci-fi movies is descending upon Perth in September 2014.

Written by David Wechter and Bruce Kimmel, The Brain from Planet X makes its Australian debut at Phoenix Theatre, presented by Dark Psychic Productions.

In 1958, a brain and its two alien cohorts arrive on Earth with a plan to take over the San Fernando Valley – starting with a happy nuclear family. It’s the first step in their quest to destroy the family unit and take over the entire planet.

Little Mermaid for Engadine

Children in the past few years have been thrilled by The Little Mermaid movie, they have attended Little Mermaid birthday Parties, and gone to sleep clutching their Ariel Dolls. Now Engadine Musical Society is giving kids of all ages the opportunity to see the Disney Junior version of The Little Mermaid live on stage at the Sutherland School of Arts during August.

World Premiere for Mutts

IT will literally be a dog’s life for some in August 2014 as the World Premiere in W.A. of a new play gives an insight into the canine mind.

Written by Johnny Grim for ARENAarts at Belmont’s Latvian Centre Theatre, Mutts is a tale of nine mongrels who end up in the pound together.

They all share the same wish of being rescued before time runs out – but will they all be lucky?

Director Jane Sherwood was sent a copy of the script not long after Grim had finished writing it and immediately loved the piece.