Bachelor Gal

Bachelor Gal

New one woman comedic cabaret Bachelor Gal premieres on November 17 & 18 at the Seymour Centre, Chippendale.

Written by ‘Bartie’ award-winning playwright Adam Szudrich, directed and composed by Philip John, and starring Leanne Smith,Bachelor Gal is a fusion of theatre, musical and cabaret, taking you on a hilarious and heartbreaking journey with a one-of-a-kind gal.

Composer / director Philip John chatted to Stage Whispers about the show.

What is Bachelor Gal all about?

Bachelor Galis about Ellen who has come to a turning point in her life. She is about to embark on a new adventure but first she needs to let go of old habits. She tells her story in a bold, brassy, sassy and comedic rendition of song and dialogue. All directly to the audience.   

What was the motivation for it?

The story was inspired by swipe left, swipe world we live in and all the cathartic, heartbreaking torture we put ourselves through. How 'The One' might be right in front of us, but we'd probably walk right by them because we're too busy on tinder. 

What’s the style of the musical?

It’s a one-woman cabaret filled with songs of various styles from Soul to Broadway, from Jazz to Song writer ballad, from Dance to Motown. Our belief is that life is always filled with different experiences so we wanted to echo that in this musical but creating an eclectic mix of musical genres.    

Why is it different?

It’s a fast roll coaster ride of emotions. Bachelor Gal isn’t about complaining but more about self-discovery with a sense of humour. It’s about coming to terms with life and seeing the joys in taking chances and “owning ones sh#t,”     

Tell us about the lead actress?

Leanne is a powerhouse of talent. She is capable of belting a Broadway show stopper to reaching deep into our emotions and singing a ballad that will make you cry. To quote Leanne Smith, “Ellen has shown me that life is too short to regret either love it or leave it but always live it.”

What we can expect on the night?

Well you can expect two short plays written by award winning Adam Szudrich to warm you up. Then Bachelor Gal will begin, and you can expect to laugh, tap your feet and even shed a tear. It’s a packed night of entertainment with a full 8 piece band. All reasonably priced and less if you enter the code word “Ellen” when booking.


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