Cyrens – The Swingin’ Songbook of Cy Coleman 

Cyrens – The Swingin’ Songbook of Cy Coleman 

Melissa Langton talks about Cyrens The Swingin’ Songbook of Cy Coleman, part of the 2017  Melbourne Cabaret Festival

Tell me about Cyrens, how did the three of you come together?

Amanda Harrison, Chelsea Gibb and I have known each other for over 15 years, through music theatre and concerts. But we all have an interest in creating our own work and exploring outside the scope of theatre and concert work. That's where cabaret comes in! A much more relaxed platform than the rigidity of music theatre and the formality of concerts. We can be ourselves and have more fun with an audience. Both the Adelaide and Melbourne Cabaret Festivals are a great platform for us to explore this. 

Your show for this year’s  Melbourne Cabaret Festival is a celebration of the Songbook of Cy Coleman, can you tell me a little about it?

Mark Jones and I have often talked about a Cy Coleman cabaret. Mark is a big fan and always talked about the fact that his songs really lent themselves to three part harmony and jazz arrangements. I love harmonies and after doing City of Angels and all those great harmonies I was really keen!! It didn't take any convincing once I mentioned it to Amanda and Chelsea!

Why Cy Coleman – was his music an inspiration for you?

The beauty of Cy Coleman is that his songs are great stand-alone songs outside the shows that he wrote. Add those to his prolific bag of jazz songs and you have a wonderful mix of music, perfect for cabaret. If only the show went longer, there are so many old standards that he wrote.... but alas, 60 mins!

What can audiences expect from your show?

Mark and I always like to present relaxed shows where the audience can leave feeling like they have heard great music but have also got to know us well, exactly as cabaret should be! But I also believe that these are some of Marks best arrangements! Three hot harmonies and a swinging band!

What’s next for Cyrens?

We have received quite a bit of interest from a lot of Victorian venues, orchestras and cruises, so I think we will be busy!

Anything else you’d like to add?

The Chapel is one of my favorite cabaret venues. I have done shows there since 1998 and it feels like home!

Cyrens – The Swingin’ Songbook of Cy Coleman

Tuesday 27 June (preview) to Saturday 1 July, 8.30pm


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