Darlinghurst Theatre Company Season 2018

Darlinghurst Theatre Company Season 2018

“2018 is Darlinghurst Theatre Company’s 25th year and what an incredible journey it has been,” says Glenn Terry,Executive Producer. “When I started Darlinghurst Theatre Company, the idea was simple. It began with a question; how do you create a sustainable professional theatre company where artists can stage the stories they want to tell? From our early beginnings at the Wayside Chapel Theatre, it was at the Eternity Playhouse that Darlinghurst Theatre Company finally arrived. In 2015 we became a fully-fledged professional theatre company and developed a unique model for supporting independent artists work.

“In our 2018 season we continue our 25 year commitment to new Australian writing and the LGBTQIA+ community. We celebrate equality, equal opportunity and fair pay. We are proud to achieve gender parity in the employment of artists including playwrights, directors and performers.

“This season embodies Darlinghurst Theatre Company’s drive and commitment to artists and our community. It is brimful of passionate explorations of our world and our artists have responded to current issues facing Australians now, including: asylum seekers, immigration, racism, same-sex relationships and religion.

“In 2018 we are partnering with Playwrighting Australia to host the 2018 National Playwrights Festival, and with Women in Theatre and Screen (WITS) to present the 2018 Festival Fatale. The Shalom Institute returns for the third consecutive year with the Australian Premiere of a Timothy Daly play, and we partner with our friends at Milk Crate theatre for their site-specific work in Redfern.

“I am incredibly proud to reveal our 2018 Season.”

An Act of God by David Javerbaum

Director: Richard Carroll & Mitchell Butel

Produced by Darlinghurst Theatre Company

2 Feb – 25 Feb

An Act of Godis an intelligent, satiric conversation with God, who has chosen to inhabit the body of Sydney theatre performer Mitchell Butel. Having grown weary of the Ten Commandments, God has come to correct mankind’s dire misconceptions about His teachings and deliver a radical re-write.

David Javerbaum is a 13 time Emmy Award winning comedy writer.

An Australian Premiere.

The Sound of Waiting by Mary Anne Butler

Director: Suzanne Pereira

Produced by Darlinghurst Theatre Company

31 March – 22 April

A story about hope and survival that cuts straight to the heart.

Written in response to Tony Abbott’s infamous comment, “Jesus knew there was a place for everything, and it’s not everyone’s place to come to Australia.The Sound of Waiting is a powerful poetic allegory for our times, exploring displacement, resilience and hope in a world that has closed its doors on humanity.

Mary Anne Butler is a multi-award winning writer from the Northern Territory. Her play Broken won the 2016 Victorian Premier’s Literary Award for Literature and Drama.

A Sydney Premiere.





Molière’s The Hypochondriac

In a new version by Hilary Bell

Director: Jo Turner

Produced by Darlinghurst Theatre Company

9 Jun – 1 July

An irreverent farce where the old world meets the new.

Hilary Bell adapts Molière’s classic satire for contemporary Australian audiences. The Hypochondriac critiques a society of overdiagnosis and over-prescription that has us clamouring for short-cut fixes and pharmaceuticals.

A World Premiere.







Torch Song Trilogy by Harvey Fierstein

Director: Stephen Colyer.

Musical Director: Phil Scott.

Featuring: Simon Corfield.

Produced by Darlinghurst Theatre Company

29 July – 26 August

A revival of Harvey Fierstein’s classic play with music.

Funny and poignant, Harvey Feinstein’s intensely personal collection of three plays chronicles a Jewish New York drag-queen’s quest for love, respect and a life of which he can be proud. In celebration of Darlinghurst Theatre Company’s 25th Anniversary we reprise one of our all-time hit productions. 






Maggie Stone by Caleb Lewis

Director: Sandra Eldridge

Featuring: Eliza Logan

Produced by Darlinghurst Theatre Company

28 Sep – 21 Oct

An honest portrait of modern Australia.

Meet Maggie Stone, the hard-hearted face of Australia’s belligerents. She’s a rude, prickly, fifty-something small loans officer who doesn’t owe the world a thing. Described by The Australian as “astutely incisive and often bitterly funny,” audiences will find the inherently flawed Maggie Stone frightfully familiar.

A Sydney premiere.






Love by Patricia Cornelius

Director: Rachel Chant

Produced by Darlinghurst Theatre Company

16 Nov – 9 Dec

An unapologetic, passionate and searing exploration of love.

Tanya, Annie and Lorenzo desperately seek love in a loveless world. Shackled by grinding poverty and substance abuse they're difficult to like, let alone love. They've been abused, they're abusive, but it is love in all its distorted and mutated forms that holds them together.

Winner of the 2004 Wal Cherry Award for Play of the Year and a 2006 Awgie Award for stage.

A Sydney mainstage premiere.



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