Frost Sorry, O'Brien Shocked, Rennie Hired

Frost Sorry, O'Brien Shocked, Rennie Hired

Producer John Frost has apologised to the three women who have lodged complaints about Craig McLachlan for his alleged behaviour during the 2014 season of The Rocky Horror Show.

"Anyone should feel comfortable reporting issues of sexual harassment, discrimination and bullying, and the fact that these three women did not feel as though they could report these issues in 2014 is concerning and distressing to me, and I sincerely apologise to them for this," he said in a statement.

"Our company is responsible for sometimes hundreds of people across many productions at any given time, and we do have very strict policies and procedures in place when it comes to reporting of allegations of this nature. We had those same policies in place in 2014.

"Over the past few days we have spent time reinforcing those policies and assuring all employees across all productions that any reported incident will be treated seriously and promptly with sensitivity to all parties concerned.

"We have never had an incident of this nature prior to this, and complaints of any type of bullying or harassment are very rare, although they do occur.

"However we can and we will strive to do better. In light of these recent events, I am determined to enforce a culture at GFO where no one is fearful of reporting incidents and I can assure all cast and crew that I will be personally instructing all of our managers to listen and act decisively and proactively should an issue be brought to them, so that our employees are confident of a safe and secure work environment.

Read the full statement here.

The creator of the The Rocky Horror Show Richard O'Brien has expressed shock at the allegations raised on the ABC and Fairfax which McLachlan denies.

"I don't recognise that person. It absolutely astounds me. It's like suggesting your mother was Frankenstein," he told the New Zealand website The Stuff. "I met the same Craig you and everybody else knew.

"[I knew] that cheeky chap who just can't stop entertaining. He came over (to New Zealand) and helped me raise funds for the Starship Children's Hospital and he left a wake of happy smiling faces behind him. That's the only Craig that I've ever met."

Meanwhile it was announced that Adam Rennie will perform the role of Frank N Furter for the forthcoming Brisbane and Perth seasons.

Adam took to the stage in Adelaide last night, where the show is currently playing, to rapturous applause. Producer John Frost said he was proud of the excellent performance delivered from the full cast and was looking forward to bringing the show to QPAC in Brisbane next week.

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