Beckett Triptych

State Theatre Company of South Australia / Adelaide Festival of Arts. State Theatre Scenic Workshop and Rehearsal Room, Festival Centre. February 20 – March 15, 2015.

Beckett is one of the most prolific writers of the 20th century. Celebrated for his realism, his works illustrate a bleak view of human experience. His tales told in somewhat simplistic form, never leave the audience with closure. Beckett Triptych brings three of his later works together, each dealing with isolation and inner torment. Constantly asking questions, his ambiguous tales leave you uncomfortable, however his script draws you in.

Sweet Charity

Book by Neil Simon. Music by Cy Coleman. Lyrics by Dorothy Fields. Directed by Dean Bryant. Playhouse Arts Centre. February 25 – March 8, 2015.

Yes, all the hype and the accolades for Verity Hunt-Ballard are justified. She IS Charity Hope Valentine and one almost wishes the show would never be revived again rather than see anyone else try to fill her shoes. She makes Charity a totally credible incurable romantic with an unshakeable belief in love, who can never be truly beaten. It’s this strength to survive, which Charity herself doesn’t realise she has, that keeps her going, keeps her believing, and which we all identify with and makes the character so endearing.

As You Like It

By William Shakespeare. Director Peter Evans. Bell Shakespeare. Playhouse, Sydney Opera House. Feb 21 – Mar 28, 2015.

I always relish the opportunity of spending an evening in the theatre with Shakespeare’s joyous, sometimes rambling comedy As You Like It, a romp of a rom-com, shaded with deeper, somewhat darker resonances.

Anna Robi & The House Of Dogs

By Maxine Mellor. Directed by David McVicar. Gobsmacked Theatre Company. The Studio @ Holden Street Theatres, Adelaide. February 23-March 8, 2015

Those in the mood to see something grotesque and shocking at this year’s Fringe Festival will certainly get their money’s worth from this extravagantly vulgar play.

Mother and Son

By Geoffrey Atherden. Director: Roger Hodgman. QTC, Lascorp Entertainment & Fractured Limb production. Playhouse, QPAC, Brisbane. 18 Feb - 15 Mar 2015

If anyone doubted the influence of television one has to only look at what is playing at QPAC. Two out of their current three shows are based on television series, with the Cremorne housing Elise McCann’s loving tribute to Lucille Ball and I Love Lucy, and the Playhouse now home to a touring stage production of the sitcom Mother and Son.

Turner's Turn

Performed by Geraldine Turner. Hayes Theatre Co. Sunday 22 February, 1 March, 8 March 2015.

Geraldine doesn't need a gimmick

Back on the cabaret stage after ten years away, the fabulous Geraldine Turner opens her show to a packed house with Gypsy and other great songs from sixties musicals.

Flesh-Eating Tiger

By Amy Tofte. Directed by Jason Cavanagh. The Owl and The Cat (Vic). Feb 23rd – Mar 7, 2015

For six years Jason Cavanagh has given us one of Melbourne’s most special arts theatres – specialising in offbeat offerings from classic writers (Ariel Dorfman’s Purgatorio last year was one of my all time favourite productions) as well as new and contentious works from lesser known playwrights. The bad news is that Jason decided to sell and move on – the good news is that the tiny theatre will continue – albeit seemingly in a more Fringe-Arts driven fashion.

The Broken Slipper

By Yvette Wall. Hackett Hall, Floreat. 19-22 February 2015

The winner of last year's ITA DramaFest returned for this year's Fringe World - this time as a co-production between Out of the Bag Productions and the original company Playlovers.

This fairy tale spoof, written by Yvette Wall and directed by Alide Chaney, takes place at the fairy tale tribunal where Cinderella is accused of breaking fairy-tale rules, as she has smashed Prince Charming's face with her glass slipper, before shacking up with Hansel and Gretel's father.

A Piece of Cake

By Yvette Wall. Hackett Hall, Floreat, WA. 19-22 February 2015

This rather unusual short play is based around Marie Antionette of France, the day before her husband Louis XVI's execution.

It is set in a gaol cell, very nicely designed by director Alida Chaney, as we meet Marie, her fellow prisoners, and later her husband.

The play is nicely acted by Kerry Goode as witch Agnes, Andrea Fernandez as peasant prisoner Dora, Sean Bullock as Louis XVI and Helen Kerr in the pivotal role of Marie Antionette.

White Rabbit Red Rabbit

Written by Nassim Soleimanpour. Presented by Aurora Nova & Bamboozled Productions. The Rastelli - Royal Croquet Club, Victoria Square Adelaide. February 24-March 15, 2015

White Rabbit Red Rabbit is an almost unreviewable show, constructed in such a way that each performance is unique. The evening’s entertainment begins with an actor (a different one each night), who is completely unfamiliar with the material, walking onstage and being given a copy of the script, which they must then deliver as a cold-read to the audience.

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