A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams

A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams
Old Mill Theatre, South Perth (WA). Directeor: Danielle Ashton. June 24 - July 4.

The first production of A Streetcar Named Desire to play in Perth in some years was memorable for its strong production values, some outstanding performances and its excellent multi-level set.
On entering Old Mill’s auditorium, one could not help feeling in awe of Hwyel Williams and Danielle Ashton’s impressive set, which captured the poverty of Stanley and Stella’s flat, evoked the neighbourhood and the era, and made incredible use of space. The entrance of the ensemble, well dressed by Merri Ford, further transported us to post-war New Orleans.
Some newcomers to Perth theatre did well in these minor roles, including Ursula Henry and Michael Danagher.
Jayma Hudson delivered a stunning performance in the supporting role of Eunice, while Chris Thomas captured the awkward Mitch, with an appropriate “Gomer Pyle” style southern accent adding to his charm.
Stephen Roberts made an impressive Stanley, quietly finding the heart of this difficult role. Well matched was NIDA graduate Gemma Northover, playing her ‘dream role’ as Stella. A strong but gentle Southern lass, Gemma’s performance was beautifully unforced.
Jenny McCann shone as Blanche, in one of the strongest performances of the year. Absolutely riveting, her resonating portrayal of Blanche appeared almost faultless.
Danielle Ashton’s direction of this complex play, so well performed, cements her place as one of Perth’s finest young directors.
Kimberley Shaw

Image: Stephen Roberts and Gemma Northover in A Streetcar Named Desire. Photo: John Ford


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