Accidental Death of an Anarchist

Accidental Death of an Anarchist
By Dario Fo. Mousetrap Theatre, Redcliffe (Qld). 5 – 21 October 2012.

Dario Fo plays often appear hilarious to read, but that riotous fun is deceptively difficult to bring off on stage. Congratulations to Director Sandra Hinds and her shrewdly perceptive casting, this production romped along as any good Dario Fo satire should.

Reagan Warner (in the demanding role of the Madman who keeps switching characters) bristles with talent: wonderful sense of the absurd; great use of voice; mobile face, and a master of physical comedy.

Although Warner created and controlled the confusion he was supported by four very able talents: Peter Lovely (Inspector Bertozzo), John Honey (the Police Commissioner), June Trethaway (whose butch presence and Scottish accent created an unforgettable Inspector Pisani) and Carol-Ann Morris (the Reporter). The ensemble playing of these five sparkle together to forge great theatre. 

The choice of frenetic incidental music was spot on and the cameo appearance of two cleaning ladies who effected a transition from Floor 3 to Floor 4 while conversing in familiar Italian merchandise brands brought the house down.

This intimate theatre tucked away in the middle of the Showgrounds on the Redcliffe Peninsula has been mounting shows for sixty years. It’s well worth a Sunday afternoon drive to escape the city for a few hours and take in a show as enjoyable as this one.

Jay McKee

Image: (left to right) John Honey, Peter Lovely, Reagan Warner, Carol-Ann Morris and June Trethaway.

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