At Affinity’s End

At Affinity’s End
Written and directed by Amanda Crewes. Fringe World. The Actors Hub Studio, Kensington St, East Perth, WA. Feb 11, 2020

At Affinity’s Endis an unusual love story that charts the anatomy of a relationship over a period of eight years. Audiences become invested with this couple and share their laughter and tears, in this touching play with lovely writing and thought-provoking themes.

Meaghan and Brendon, newly in love, but aware that relationships are difficult, decide to make a monthly visit to a relationship counsellor, with the aim of keeping their communication flowing. As their counsellor becomes increasingly invested in the couple, Meaghan and Brendan face the roller coaster that love and marriage can often mean, as they learn to communicate with each other and what love really means.

Leroy Lakamu is convincing as the caring, often perplexed therapist, who despite his vow to keep detached and professional becomes very attached to these clients. A thoughtful and well-balanced performance.

Stephanie Bedford is dynamic and loveable as Meaghan, showing a maturing of thought over the course of the years and convincing throughout. The journey of the relationship is tangible as she works intimately with Adam Leeuwenhart, as Brendan, who has wonderful depth and is excellent in the final scenes.

At Affinity’s Endis lovely storytelling that would make for a conversation triggering date night. A captivating production with broad appeal.

Kimberley Shaw

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