By Six Inches Uncut and Ira Luxuria. Midsumma Festival. Theatre Works. Jan 28 – Feb 1, 2020

The Midsumma Festival presents Birdoir, devised by cabaret/burlesque deviants Six Inches Uncut and Ira Luxuria, along with their human bird entourage including Mahla Bird, Leon Andon, Kathryn Kaeler and Sal Francisco. The team has donned their finest feathers for a wild hour of colourful ornithological entertainment.

The fun begins with a superb rendition of “I Want to Break Free” (Queen) by Six Inches Uncut - a hilarious performance within the confines of a large birdcage. The entire show offers eccentric performances ranging through acrobatics, burlesque, spoken word, song, dance and loads of sideshow comedy. Uncut returns as an eccentric old bald peacock that has lost his lustre, singing his heart out in a peculiar version of “My Body As A Cage” (Arcadia Fire).

The human seagulls scamper for a massive sized chip and the prancing pink flamingoes add flamboyant tackiness to their dance routine.  An assortment of other acts includes a sad vulture that has lost his family and feathers, and a raucous turkey strip show skit. All the performers revel in their own special brand of grotesquerie and hyped body distortion, along with lashings of gay camp glamour.

Birdoiris a wonderful hybrid production with loads of wacky deviance and quirky extravagance. The show raises the flag for the LGBQT community and encourages all people to allow their spirits to fly high and be free.

Flora Georgiou

Photographer: Teddy Darling

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