Brave World

Brave World
Retro Futurismus. fortyfivedownstairs, 45 Flinders Lane, Melbourne. June 21 – July 8, 2018.

Brave World is the dynamic new show by Retro Futurismus!

Robust and fabulous, distilled with their own peculiar blend of feminist cabaret, circus and vaudeville, they ardently deliver innovative acts that question our dystopian age.

The show begins with the Gemini twins Anni and Maude Davey delving into a poignant socio–politico singing commentary about the passing decades from the sixties through to our current Trump era. A dazzling duet with cutting edge material that sets the show on fire.

Brave Worldis the third installment from the Retro Futurismus ensemble, who have cleverly devised a number of stages along the centre of the fortyfivedownstairs space, with the audience in close range. This show explores the future looking back into the past to reflect the present in a retro eclectic and experimental style that challenges and entertains.

Brave Worldis consistently playfully clunky and disjointed with sensational performances that can be jarring but always funny. The earth, paradoxically, discussing her role in the universe, rotating on her off center axis is hilarious and the retro scuba diver is a cleverly devised aerial skit. Both reflect on the current climate change crisis and the fear of doom in a post apocalyptic world.

Theresa Blake draws a fine line between feminist art performance and vaudeville has the audience aghast with her can- can dance as she flaunts and flirts with the concept of   voyeuristic male   gaze that sends you reeling back in time, to the seedy nights at the Moulin Rouge.

The truly spectacular Anna “Pocket Rocket” Lumb, a fashioned cyborg, is pliable and sensual with her range of neon performances ranging through trapeze, dance and hula–hoop.

The roving laser lights along with the playful use of the flood-lights exude a circus like atmosphere. Sound design is loud and sharp, combining with clever original music to enhance the show’s quirky appeal. The costumes are zany, eccentric and colorful. Guest stars are on a rotating shift and thumbs up for Louis Biggs - the fantastic hat juggler.

I highly recommend the show!

Flora Georgiou

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