Bubble Show for Adults Only

Bubble Show for Adults Only
Adelaide Fringe Festival. Empire Theatre – Gluttony. February 18th – March 14th, 2020

If you thought playing with bubbles was just for kids, then think again. ‘Bubbleology’ is a new genre and it is being performed in a late night-time slot for good reason.

Performers Kurt Murray and Iulia Benze have concocted a mixture of cabaret, burlesque, slapstick and absurd antics to bring a new twist to the art of blowing bubbles. Not for the prudish, this show has more sexual innuendo than a Carry-On film.

This high-energy bubble orgy highlights a love story between the performers. Both clearly excited by bubbles and the bigger the better. In the mix is some seriously clever physics at play. Bubbles of all shapes and sizes are manipulated with hilarious results.

Love was in the air and both Murray and Benze made sure to include the audience. Benze bumped and grinded her way through the crowd motioning for couples to kiss. It all seemed a little out of control, but I think that was the point.

The action slowed for a moment when Murray signed his way through a Nirvana song whilst holding a clear ball. As I was trying to find some hidden meaning to what I was witnessing, Benze appeared wearing a horse mask. They groped, kissed and mimed their way through many scenarios, each stranger than the next.

Unfortunately, due to the stage not being raised, I missed some antics by performers when they were on the floor. I was not too concerned as gauging by the audience’s response it was more of the same.

If you are happy to just be entertained and enthralled by the skills of bubble blowing and are not easily offended, then this manic display should fit the bill.

Kerry Cooper

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