Bully Virus

Bully Virus
By Kate Herbert. La Mama Theatre, Carlton, Vic. May 16 – 27, 2018

Bully Virus is a hard-edged verbatim theatre show about bullying in the workplace.  It is written and directed by Kate Herbert, who has researched at length several cases on the almost epidemic state of the Bully Virus in Australia.

Three performers, Jenny Lovell, Carole Patullo and Geoff Wallis, dressed in white-collar attire read from clipboards titled victims and clinically reflect on these cases as in a courtroom. The absent bullies are put on trial and we as the audience members are the unofficial jury.

Herbert has hit the nail on the head with this show, as part of the ongoing current campaign to stamp out workplace bullying and make the work place safe. An estimated forty per cent have experienced workplace bullying across the country with many people bearing undisclosed secrets that leave them emotionally and mentally scarred.

Hard hitting, with victim stories and voice-overs, with a repetitive chorus line playing on bully tactics used to accuse victims of “whining’, it works well as a pause button from the grueling case histories.

The one and only musical skit poignantly pokes fun at the hula-hooping sociopathic bully in denial - sung with faux New York Jewish accents to a Gershwin-style beat.

The show was overwhelmingly informational and maybe the team should be hired out for corporate events to educate the workplaces. Overall l felt the show was a little long and could have been cut down a fraction.

Bully Virus is a challenging and thought-provoking show that pushes boundaries on bullying in the workplace.


Flora Georgiou

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