It's Only Life

By John Bucchino. Davine Interventionz Productions. Adelaide Fringe. Parks Theatre. 20-25 February, 2018

In the Western Suburbs in Adelaide there is an absolute gem of a show – John Bucchino’s American musical revue It’s Only Life. This has been produced and directed by David Gauci, founder of Davine Interventionz Productions.

Mr Gauci has taken a huge risk, artistically and financially in producing this work, which includes bringing out John Bucchino to perform in his own work with some of Adelaide’s best Musical Theatre people.

Rocky Horror Show

By Richard O'Brien. Directed by Christopher Luscombe. Crown Theatre, Perth, WA. Feb 18- March 4, 2018

The latest incarnation of the Rocky Horror Show burst into Perth to a rapturous reception on opening. This consciously cinematic production features a fantastic cast and a great chutzpah.

Adam Rennie was met with cheers as he appeared on stage as Dr Frank-N-Furter, a reaction that proved appropriate, as he was outstanding in the role, an absolutely wonderful leading man who owned the role.

The Empress and Me

Adelaide Fringe Festival 2018. Grist To the Mill Productions Ltd. Bakehouse Theatre. Feb 22, 27 & March 2, 2018

For 40 years half the world was ruled by women, namely Queen Victoria and Empress Cixi of China. Lizzie Der Ling lived through 16 years of their reigns while being up close and personal with one of them, as depicted in The Empress and Me.

Michelle Yim embodies Lizzie Der Ling as she relates a piece of history that would not be believed if it were not documented in 2 books, ‘Two Years in the Forbidden Palace’ and ‘Old Buddha’.

Enter Ophelia

Essential Theatre and Three Birds Theatre. La Mama Theatre. Feb 20 - Mar 4, 2018.

Ophelia - a muse for the ages!

And so it goes with Enter Ophelia, an exciting new production that unites Essential Theatre’s Shakespearean expertise and Three Birds Theatre’s propulsion to reinvent female characters into powerful self-driven figures.

Sense and Spontaneity

Fringe World. Directed by Jessica Messenger and Esther Longhurst. Circus Theatre, Fringe Central, Perth, WA. Feb 21-25, 2018

It is rare to see a show that has audience appeal from the 'under tens' to the 'over eighties', but Sense and Spontaneity is ticking this box with its warm and funny, improvised Jane Austen romp.

One more cup of coffee and then we'll save the world

Adelaide Fringe 2018. Presented by Majk Stokes. Basem3nt Studio, Featherstone Place. February 21st to March 3rd, 2018

One more cup of coffee and then we’ll save the world is a show that is evocative of the 1960’s smokey coffee houses in Australia, where protest and love were the key themes.

The show opens gently with a man, his hat, his acoustic guitar and a single microphone. The venue is intimate, seating about two dozen people. Do not dress warmly as the Basem3nt is a warm space.


By Sam Anderson. Adelaide Fringe. Raj House, 54 Hyde Street. 20-25 Feb, 2018.

Plenty of people would (and do) pay for the privilege of spending 30-or-so minutes with an archetypally good-looking, charismatic motivational-speaker/personal-trainer. This one arrives complete with water bottle, tight lycra, and socks pulled up – and most importantly, bursting with enthusiasm (the exercise routines become so infectious that it’s hard to resist joining in) – but it doesn’t take long for Sam Anderson to subtly suggest the appearance of cracks in his relentless façade of exuberant confidence…

Good Muslim Boy

By Osamah Sami. Adapted for the stage by Osama Sami and Janice Muller. Malthouse Theatre. Direction Janice Muller. The Beckett . 9 Feb to 11 March 2018

Personable, enigmatic star of the autobiographical film Ali’s Wedding Osamah Sami takes us on the journey of a lived memoir, from his own storyGood Muslim Boy, of an almost unbelievable romp in Iran.  Well timed, beautifully underscored with sound and music (Phil Slade) on a very functional set designed by Romanie Harper, three actors bring to life this gem of a ‘stranger than fiction’ narrative.    

The Bridge

By Nick Rinke & Caitilin Docking. Adelaide Fringe Festival. Bakehouse Theatre. 19-24 February, 2018

The Bridge, written and performed by Nick Rinke and Caitlin Docking, is a new play from Canada. Very rarely, if indeed ever, do we see contemporary work from Canada. This is great shame as we are missing out on some truly excellent plays. 

Hott Property

Adelaide Fringe Festival. Matt Byrne Media. Maxim's Wine Bar. February 14th - March 17th, 2018

You would be hard pressed to find a harder-working man in Adelaide Theatre than writer and director Matt Byrne. Celebrating his 21st year at Maxim’s Wine Bar and his 15th self-penned show for the Fringe, he does not disappoint with his latest comedy.

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