Chamber Pot Opera

Chamber Pot Opera
Presented by Bontom. Adelaide Fringe. Ladies Powder Room Piccadilly Cinemas. 21st Feb – 5th March, 2017.

Piccadilly Cinemas is one of the great Art Deco buildings in Adelaide, with a big foyer, a winding staircase and a spacious Ladies powder room. This makes it the perfect setting for this site specific Opera. Set in a public bathroom, it explores the interactions and relationships of women in a traditionally safe space. Designers Isabel Hudson and Benjamin Brockman have used the space to its best advantage, while creators Thomas De Angelis, Keiren Brandt-Sawdy and Clemence Williams have developed an entertaining piece filled with dramatic and light-hearted moments. Musical director Keiren Brandt-Sawdy and director Clemence Williams have tied everything together well, giving the audience a unique and delightful experience.

Sally Alrich-Smythe, Camilla Wright and Britt Lewis are the 3 strangers who meet in the Ladies toilet. They each have their own story to tell and all 3 provide beautiful voices and outstanding characterisations. There is a mixture of arias from different composers, solos, duets and a trio. This is truly an ensemble piece, and Alrich-Smythe, Wright and Lewis work beautifully together to give a performance to remember. Viet Nguyen provides the beautiful accompaniment.

Now let me state that I am not an Opera buff and in fact have never seen an Opera, but after this experience that may have to change. For those who love Opera you must see this, for those who are novices like me, you also must see this.

There are subtitles, so make you sure you get to North Adelaide for this one.

Maxine Grubel

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