City of Perth Nativity

City of Perth Nativity
Directed by Marina Del Basso. Forrest Chase, Perth. Dec 21-23, 2015

The City of Perth Nativity is an annual free event as part of the City's Festival of Christmas. Held in Forrest Chase, in the centre of the city, it attracts audiences of over 5000 people each evening.

This year the story is narrated lovingly and passionately by Lisa Adam, portraying a woman who lived in the time of Jesus, as she tells the story to her awestruck daughter, gorgeously played by Phoebe Tennant, in a performance reminiscent of a young Angela Cartwright.

Over a hundred performers appear in this gala presentation, as we follow the traditional Christmas story. The angel Gabriel (a commanding Benjamin Todd) appears to Mary, gently played and strongly sung by Madeleine Shaw, to tell her that she will bear the Son of God.

Performers from the Australian Performing Arts Network (which includes representatives from across Western Australia), provide beautiful dancing and singing to accompany Mary's journey, as she and husband Joseph (a lovely Brandon Williams-West), journey to Bethlehem.

Excellent cameos from Centurion Nicholas Cruse, Innkeepers Hamish Briggs and Georgia Rodgers and the wonderful camel riding kings, Nicholas Cruse, Benjamin Todd and Sam Rabbone.

Christmas carols and poignant songs are integral to the performance, with beautiful choral pieces, edgy ensembles and stunning solos, including featured performances from Nonie Trainor, Jayda D'Agostino, Christie McGarrity, Lilyan Smith, Rachel Moore, and Sofia Rifici, as well as the major players.

There are lavish settings and spectacular lighting (Hamish McSporran), lots of live animals, confetti cannons and a great deal of spectacle in a beautifully produced expertly performed production.

It is worth arriving early to experience the pre-show entertainment, featuring a plethora of young talent from all over Western Australia.

The Nativity is a wonderful initiative by the City of Perth and a fabulous holiday experience for all ages.

Kimberley Shaw

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