Cutting Loose

Cutting Loose
Lucy Horan. The Butterfly Club, Melbourne. November 19 – 24, 2018

Cutting Loose - Lucy Horan’s new comedy cabaret show - questions her own moral status as a mild-mannered good girl and why she doesn’t want to  upset the apple cart?

Her tongue-in–cheek style is her calling card. Horan delivers from the stage and cleverly shapes the audience to tune into her brand of humor. An improviser and comedian with a damn good voice, has penned her own catchy songs, accompanied by the mildly witty Rainer Pollard on piano. Direction by Fiona Scott Norman has well-groomed Horan’s upfront yet complacent persona.

Horan is a natural story-teller, uptight yet confident, and knows how to turn bland stories into colorful anecdotes. She is a true blue suburban Geelong girl - ‘living in a small city with big city values’. She belts out her opening song  ‘”Geelong Has It All”, proclaims with heartfelt passion, it’s a true backyard city, with its real dinkum love of Aussie Rules footy. Damn proud and it doesn’t get any better!

 She just wants to fit in, repress her emotions and make all the acceptable compromises because she is a “Shape Shifter”, sung with velvety sassiness that exudes a wholesome adventurous energy along with her love affair with her ever faithful back pack. I was expecting some rebellious activity somewhere near the end of the show but Horan only sealed her mediocrity and expressed her right to see herself as a ‘very modern model of a  white minor feminist’. 

This was a preview show.

Flora Georgiou 

Photo by James Penlidis - design Lliam Amor.

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