Don Juan In Soho by Patrick Marber

Don Juan In Soho by Patrick Marber
New Theatre, Newtown (NSW)

Luke Rogers production for the New Theatre's of British playwright Patrick Marber's play Don Juan in Soho is a great night out at the theatre.
A loose and very contemporary adaptation of Moliere's classic 17th Century play, the central character of-course is the world's greatest playboy, Don Juan, or as he is called in Marber's play, DJ. DJ is a self confessed sex addict and NIDA graduate Blair Cutting is great as the diabolically charming DJ.
With a fast paced production, a strong supporting cast and an excellent set by Tom Bannerman, Don Juan in Soho is great value for your theatre dollar.
David Kary

Don Juan In Soho plays the New Theatre, Newtown until 26th September 2009.


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