Drive and Smoke

Drive and Smoke
Written and directed by Clare Talbot and Jordan Holloway. Studio 411, Murdoch University, WA. March 22-24, 2018

Drive and Smoke are two short works presented by Hand in Hand Theatre at Murdoch University.

The first piece, Drive, written and directed by Clare Talbot, tells of a young couple’s car ride and explores love, loss and our inner processing. Lovely integrated performances from Claire Mosel-Crossley and Xarna Rappold, in a simply set, nicely rounded, ten minute show.

Smoke, written and directed by Jordan Holloway, tells of a brother who arrives to take his sister to their father’s funeral. It explores their unusual relationship and has considerable depth for a one act play.

Jacob Wehr Murphy gives an earnest performance as Evan, creating a very believable sibling relationship with Stephanie Beckham, who gives a very genuine performance as Kate.

Efficient Stage Management from Jessica Hooper and Tijana Simich, with thoughtful lighting for both plays designed by Nina Gee. Effective sound designed by Jordan Baynes.

Not well attended at the final performance, these entertaining new works deserved bigger audiences. Well done to all involved.

Kimberley Shaw

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