An Evening With Sherlock Holmes

An Evening With Sherlock Holmes
By Jules Tasca. Wanneroo Repertory. Directed by Shelley McGinn. The Limelight Theatre, Wanneroo WA. July 4-13, 2019

Wanneroo Repertory’s An Evening With Sherlock Holmes is a drama in three acts, each act a separate and complete story featuring Arthur Conan Doyle’s most famous characters.

Featuring in all three stories are Mark Fitzpatrick, who is upright and convincing in the title role, Phil Bedworth who is an excellent Dr Watson, with a beautiful manner, and Christine Smith, who is lovely as Mrs Hudson.

The Adventure of the Noble Bachelor, set in 1890, features Sherlock and Watson as they ponder a case of a bride who has disappeared from her wedding. Roger Oakes plays the distressed bridegroom, Jared Rix is a forthright Inspector Lestrade, with Frederica Longo bringing a genuine American accent to the role of Hattie Doran and Matthew Winter making an impressive theatrical debut as Francis Moulton.

The Milverton Adventure, set twenty years hence, has the detective on the trail of a notorious extortionist. Peter Roberts plays the villainous Mr Milverton, with Sandra Powell a mysterious and nameless woman.

The final adventure, set in 1930, is perhaps the most unusual and departs a little from the traditional Sherlock Holmes canon. The Disappearance of Adam features director Shelley McGinn in an onstage role, and also makes much use of the masked stage crew.

While the show looks good, Wally Fry’s lighting is very atmospheric, and set and costuming work towards evoking the eras, the show doesn’t always flow well, with pace lacking and some lines not delivered with ease or conviction

On the evening I attended, director Shelley McGinn interrupted the curtain call to announce the marriage, that day, of actor Phil Bedworth. To deliver such a strong performance, after a life changing day, is particularly impressive. Congratulations to Phil and his beautiful bride.

Fans of Arthur Conan Doyle will appreciate this clever tribute to his work, in a production that has obviously been created with strong affection.

Kimberley Shaw

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