Glengarry Glen Ross

Glengarry Glen Ross
By David Mamet. Seriousboys. Darlinghurst Theatre. April 11 – May 5, 2013.

Staging David Mamet's modern classic Glengarry Glen Ross as your debut outing comes with high expectations and pressure to deliver. And while I did have high hopes for this production, I am not convinced it delivered.

New independent Sydney theatre company Seriousboys comes with a pedigree in Artistic Director Marcus Graham. He is a fantastic actor. But as a director I am troubled by the series of mistakes or decisions he made which indicate a lack of skill that ultimately undermined what could have been a very impressive piece of theatre.

From the set, to the casting, to the blocking, through to the basic stagecraft, this production is confused and lacking in clear intent. Some of the cast were so inexperienced that it was puzzling as to why they would have even been considered let alone cast and let's face it, you are only as strong as the weakest performer on stage and there were some serious offenders in this show.

Mamet, like David Williamson, has his own style of dialogue and rhythm built into the script, which, when in deft hands can be crafted into a wonderful and captivating experience. But of course put it in the wrong hands and it can turn into a lethal mix of screaming and one-upmanship just for the sake of it. Let's just say subtlety is a non-existent element in this production.

David Mamet is one of my favourite playwrights and I truly wanted to enjoy this production as it held so much promise. But unfortunately I, like some of the characters in the story of Glengarry Glen Ross, was played for a fool.

Whitney Fitzsimmons

Phorographer: Richard Farland

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