Exit Laughing

By Paul Elliott. Tugun Theatre Co, Gold Coast. Director: Jim Dickson. August 11th to 27th, 2016

This is the funniest play I’ve seen for ages! Three old friends, a daughter and the guy that stood her up bring Exit Laughing to life and pull out all the stops on the way.

Jim Dickson’s cast of Sarah Cooke, Rachel Ann, the daughter; her mum Connie, Marie Dickson; her card-playing friends Leona, Jillian Rawlings (who is partial to a tipple or three) and ditsy Millie, Brenda Warren, and the guy that cancelled the date, David Fraser, all worked well as a unit. Great script, great timing, great fun!

Jasper Jones

Based on the novel by Craig Silvey, adapted by Kate Mulvany. Melbourne Theatre Company. Southbank Theatre, The Sumner. 1 August to 9 September 2016

This much anticipated production of Jasper Jones doesn’t disappoint.  The full impact of Craig Silvey’s engaging, intriguing and moving coming of age story for adults is soundly and compellingly placed on stage.   

Boeing Boeing

By Marc Camoletti. St Jude’s Players (SA). St Jude’s Hall Brighton. August 11-20, 2016

Following its origins in the 1960’s, French farce Boeing Boeing has been revised and also revived in recent years and just like a well-oiled jet engine, the comedy keeps on providing predictable and reliable service. St Jude’s Players are staging the play’s current Adelaide production and an experienced Director and good cast help the company keep Boeing Boeing safely in the air.

Higher & Higher

Conceived by Jamie Watt & Peter Laughton. Spotlight Theatre, Benowa, Gold Coast. August 12th to September 3rd, 2016

The Big Band sound has successfully been recreated for Spotlight’s production of Higher & Higher.

Conceived, written, directed, choreographed and performed by Jamie Watt and his associates, this “jukebox” musical of 55 hit songs was non-stop entertainment. With a cast of four female singers, plus Jamie; four backing singers and 6 dancers, this high-energy production will be one to remember for a long time.


Music by Alan Menken. Book by Chad Beguelin. Lyrics by Howard Ashman, Tim Rice and Chad Beguelin. Disney Theatrical Productions Capitol Theatre, Sydney. Opening Night: August 11, 2016

It’s hard to get Australians to give standing ovations, but on opening night Aladdin got two, including an unheard of stand up half way through the first act.

What pushed the audience out of their seats was an extravagant song and dance routine when young Aladdin steps inside a cave filled with eye popping gold and treasure.

Letters to Lindy

By Alana Valentine. A Merringong Theatre Company Production. Directed by Darren Yap. Canberra Theatre Centre. 9-13 August 2016 and touring

Lindy Chamberlain did not murder her baby Azaria at the then Ayres Rock, but through the 80s and 90s many Australians took a vicious pleasure in the myth that she did. It was so strong and divisive an idea that thousands felt compelled to write to Mrs Chamberlain, with everything from death threats and accusations to support, and later, remorse.


Devised, choreographed and directed by Pilobulus, and their creative team. Arts Centre Melbourne. August 11 – 14, 2016, then touring nationally

Pilobulus brings a return season of its wonderful production Shadowland to Australia, and if the magic isn’t quite as elevating as last time, it’s probably because it’s the same show we saw two years ago, and so we know what to expect. Nevertheless, it’s a remarkable show and a surreal experience for anyone who hasn’t seen it before.

Tango Fire

Choreography by German Cornejo, Arts Centre Melbourne. August 10 – 14, 2016, then touring

There is something incredibly exhilarating in seeing any artist at the peak of their brilliance, and when there are ten of them, imbued with the fire and passion that is the Argentinian Tango, it would be difficult not to feel the adrenaline rush even sitting in the stalls. The passion is palpable; the excitement all embracing.

Biography: A Game

By Max Frisch. Bakehouse Theatre (S.A.). Aug 4-20th, 2016.

Swiss dramatist Max Frisch first published Biography: A Game in 1967 and by 1984 an English version was born. The play explores relationships and the decisions that define our lives.

For the first twenty minutes the script offers up no answers, but plenty of questions. What if we were given the chance to go back and rewrite passages of our lives? Many scenarios are tested throughout this play with surprising consequences.


By William Shakespeare. Presented by Canberra REP. Directed by Jordan Best. Theatre 3. 4 to 20 August 2016

Deft direction by Jordan Best, a brilliant sound design and excellent characterisation by the leads make Canberra REP’s Macbeth great to watch. Jenna Roberts’s Lady Macbeth is every bit as lustful, bloodthirsty and ruthless as you’d expect. Ms Roberts gives her character’s psychopathy a hypnotic quality. With distinctly different public and private personas, there’s nothing vulnerable about Lady Macbeth but at times she shows brief flashes of uncertainty and even surprise and a childlike delight at her own gall.

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