Home Invasion

Home Invasion
By Christopher Bryant. Presented by An Assorted Few. Old 505 Theatre. Directed by Alexander Berlage. March 21 – April 7, 2018

Written by award winning playwright and performer Christopher Bryant, Home Invasion was short listed for the Griffin award in 2015. This is its Sydney debut.

The storyline revolves around a mad self-obsessed Paula Abdul fan, June (Kate Cheel) who wants to be her 'obsession'; in doing so, she auditions for American Idol. The subplot that accompanies this storyline is that of a young angst-ridden teenager, Sam (Chloe Bayliss), who is infatuated with a car mechanic Anthony (Yure Covich). Sam threatens his wife Carol (Morgan Maguire) behind Anthony's back. In turn, Carol sees visions of Jon Bénét Ramsey, a real life tragic child pageant beauty queen with warning signs.

The plot seems twisted and 'deranged' but in a great way. It is fast, furious, funny, and engaging, with bursts of energy, light and 'chaotic fun' on stage. Throughly enjoyable to the last second, 90 mins of pure adrenalin, a great cast, with a fabulous uplifting direction by Alexander Berlage. A wonderful cast full of electric performances (Chloe Bayliss, Kate Cheel, Yure Covitch, Wendy Mocke, Cecilia Morrow and Morgan Maguire).

The minimalist set of a backdrop with an oval cut out, chair, pouffe, standing lamp bathed in different lights (set design by Jeremy Allen, costume by Ellen Stranistreet, sound by Ben Pierpoint) suited the intimacy of the Old 505 Theatre. Great night!

Charlotte Hanson

Photographer: Robert Catto.

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