I Sing Songs

I Sing Songs
Performed by Steven Kreamer. fortyfivedownstairs, 45 Flinders Lane, Melbourne. 23 - 27 January, 2019.

Steven Kreamer is an astonishing emerging talent as a musician, composer and performer who has also demonstrated his talents as an arranger and orchestrator. This show is a very personal account of his journey as a musician. The strength of this show is the numerous original compositions often written at important crossroads in his life. While the songs are predominantly reflecting on his experience of love and romance, they are often giving detailed accounts of episodes that have had some formative influence on his life and work. The stories are usually anecdotal in nature but collectively they construct a biographical picture of the vivacious and varied nature of Kreamer’s experiences.

Kreamer’s personal journey is fascinating but his accounts could make a wider connection to his industry or society in general to allow the audience an avenue for a greater connection to his intriguing stories. His recollection of the experience of writing a Frank Sinatra style theme song for Amway (US company selling health, beauty, and home care products) is an example of the way he provides insight into the bizarre and unpredictable nature of his work. This segment includes some good-natured and humorous audience interaction, although this is where Kreamer’s inexperience as a cabaret performer is perhaps more visible. Kreamer’s powerful voice and mesmerising talent as a pianist creates a refreshing approach to traditional cabaret.

Patricia Di Risio

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