Improbable Fiction

Improbable Fiction
By Alan Ayckbourn. Canberra Repertory. Director: Corille Fraser. Theatre 3, Acton, Canberra, 23 November to 8 December 2012

This lighthearted romp will appeal to anybody who enjoys books, words, or a comic twist, and offers something very special to writers and budding writers.

The lively meeting of a writers' group, in introducing us to the quirks of its members—authors and would-be authors all—provides the setup for a hilarious farcical melange of barely compatible writing genres that simply begs for the creative staging that we've come to expect of Rep.


And said romp is flawless.  Not since, as a small boy, I watched an entire set in Noddy and the Magic Faraway Tree dissolve before my eyes into another set have I seen set changes quite as wonderful as these; and they are matched by costume and character changes at a pace difficult to credit.  How any of the players managed to keep a straight face, I can't imagine.  Working on the play must have provided many a laugh.


The technical and artistic perfection with which Rep has imbued the production is a wonder to behold.  Lighting, scenery, and sound were marvellous.  Costuming was imaginative.  And the set—at first merely a remarkably credible work of sound construction—assumed a character of its own, once called to life.


This is the most fun you'll have before bedtime.  See it, and retire with a grin on your face.


John P. Harvey


Image: [L–R] Jasan Savage, Kate Blackhurst, Euan Bowen, Christa de Jager, and Heather Spong, in Improbable Fiction.  Picture: Cliff Spong.

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