Koraly: “I say the wrong things all the time”.

Koraly: “I say the wrong things all the time”.
Created, written and performed by Koraly Dimitriadis. La Mama Courthouse. Directed by Olga Aristodemou. Sound design by Christian Bianco and Koraly Dimitriadis. Lighting design by Helen Papadomanolakis. Nov 30th to Dec 11th 2016.

La Mama presents Koraly: “I say the wrong things all the time”, a theatre debut for Koraly Dimitriadis, and she is surely bursting with enthusiasm.  Predominantly it’s her story, the daughter of migrants, growing up in a family culture that has strict expectations of how a good Cyprian girls’ life should pan out. But it also speaks of many issues; broken dreams, non-conformity, disengaging from family, sexism and sex. So much to say that sometimes it doesn’t all mesh and weave together in any coherent manner, however the strength in the messages are loud and clear.

Koraly’s voice will be heard whether through the use of multi media by projecting images that are dark, obscure and contradictive; a traditional bride walking through a cemetery, symbolically the church isle, hauntingly represented the façade of a culture that places too much importance on marriage.  By way of words she uses her own poetry, bold and explicit in expressing her distaste of the objectification of women.  Her words are uncompromising, unafraid of offending.

There are many surprises in the dialogue, like openly verbalizing sexual acts, I don’t think designed to shock, but interpreting the continuing struggle between the modern woman in a society that doesn’t quite understand that women should be liberated from the confines of any control or domination by the opposite sex.   

Koraly is constantly transforming her personality, altering the mood on the stage with many costume changes and through the change of tone of voice, from seductive, demure, surrendering girl, to the roar of a deep hoarse pitch that sounds a lot like a car crash. In her quest to speak out and get her messages across to her audience she channels some very negative energy at times, to quote Koraly, ‘It’s a mans world and they are all bastards’.  She is merciless.

So dark a play but it’s also about love. A lot of reference is made to Koraly’s Greek heritage, the use of Greek dancing, music and language and the projection of flashbacks of many Greeks arriving to Australia is poignant, showing that links won’t be broken.

Koraly: “I say the wrong things all the time” is astounding, the powerful acting by Koraly together with the direction of international Director Olga Aristodemou, it is a play of pure emotion and passion. It is a determined endeavor to enlighten every woman to strive for self love, self-acceptance, to not tolerate being silenced and to stand up against any form of female subjugation, very charismatic theatre, I enjoyed it immensely.

Lisa Romeo

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