Impromptunes - Tune Your Own Adventure

Fringe World. Teatro, The Woodside Pleasure Gardens, Russel Square, Northbridge WA. Jan 18-21, 2020

Impromptunes - Completely Improvised Musical is one of the most popular regular visitors to Fringe World. As a long term fan of that show, i decided to check out their show for kids - Impromptunes - Tune Your Own Adventure.

Unlike its older sibling, Tune Your Own Adventure’s last show was not a sell-out, but the response to this production from its young audience would indicate that it should be - with complete involvement from everyone in the audience with this high energy improvised show.


Written and directed by Bron Batten. Fringe World. The Studio, The Blue Room, James St, Perth. Jan 17-25, 2020

Bron Batten’s one woman show Waterloo explores what happens when a green voting, almost vegan theatre practitioner falls in love with a Tory voting, high ranked English soldier. How can Bron reconcile the relationship with her own beliefs and values?

The Circle

Written and Directed by Jack O’Brien. Presented by La Mama, 349 Drummond Street Carlton. 21-26 January, 2020.

The circle aims to capture the oeuvre of Lovecraftian horror and the text pays clear homage to the famous writer. The play is aptly named The Circle, which refers to the wider body of authors whose writing operated in the Lovecraft realm. O’Brien explores the ways in which their apocalyptic themes are transferred into the gaming world. This is shown as a sphere which easily absorbs the violence and doom suggested by the wholesale destruction that is anticipated by such dismal views of humanity. 

Crookie! A Mystery Musical

Directed by Alice Chaney, with musical direction by Lachlan Obst. Don Russell Performing Arts Centre. Jan 19-21, 2020

Crookie! A Mystery Musical is a vibrant, effervescent new musical with a young cast and the feel of a Disney Channel TV presentation - slightly heightened, always optimistic and suitable for all ages, 

Crookie! played for several performances at Thornlie’s Don Russell Performing Arts Centre (wonderful to have some good quality shows out in the suburbs) before continuing its run at Subiaco Arts Centre.

Brassy Broads

Perth Cabaret Collective. Fringe World (WA). The Ellington Jazz Club. Jan 17-19, 2020

Perth Cabaret Collective’s Brassy Broads played to sell-out crowds at the Ellington Jazz Club, featuring the music of some of history’s most stunning female jazz singers.

The music is top notch, with the nine piece jazz ensemble, led by Jess Herbert, a pleasure to listen to, even without the singers. Special mention to trumpeter Matt Smith, who on the evening I attended suffered from a bleeding nose mid-show and continued to play.

Françoise and Friends

Written and directed by Sylvia Cornes. Ellington Jazz Club, Perth. Jan 20-21, 2020

Sylvia Cornes takes an Ellington Jazz Club audience back to Paris in the 1960s with Françoise and Friends, a tribute to Françoise Hardy and her contemporaries. Playing to capacity audience, Sylvia and her band create the feel (and look) of the era in a warm, nicely polished show.

Death in the Golden Triangle

By Courtney Lee and Dylan Lee. Directed by Courtney Lee. Performing Arts Alumni Society. Jan 19-27, 2020

Death in the Golden Triangle is a new, locally written comedy set in one of Perth’s most salubrious suburbs, that explores power and ambition.

Cleverly written, with some beautifully drawn characters - very nicely brought to life by a hard working cast, I am loathe to reveal too much of the plot, which includes at least one twist that elicits an audible gasp from the audience. Death in the Golden Triangle deals with power shuffles and deals among a fictional version of the Liberal Party, after the death of leading powerbroker Peter Kenklemont.


By Head First Acrobats. Teatro at Woodside Pleasure Gardens, Russel Square Northbridge, WA. Jan 19 - Feb 16, 2020.

Pre-Hysterical was selected as one of the showpiece items for FringeWorld’s media launch, which was perhaps a vote of confidence in the calibre of this fun and physical romp designed for children and families.

David Suchet—Poirot and More: A Retrospective

Co-created by David Suchet and Liza McLean. Starring David Suchet. Interviewed by Jane Hutcheon. Kay and McLean Productions. Canberra Theatre, 20 – 21 January 2020 and touring

Of course you know David Suchet from his role in Agatha Christie’s Poirot. With 70 episodes from 1989 to 2013 and much loved by a fan base who know every detail that Christie wrote, Agatha Christie’s Poirot has been so successful that it’s impossible to think of the character without picturing Suchet in the role. What you might not know is that prior to his television career, David Suchet was a successful actor in the Royal Shakespeare Company with multiple Olivier nominations.

The Ladykillers

By Graham Linehan. Genesian Theatre, Sydney. Jan 18 – Feb 15, 2020

This play is an adaptation of a 1955 film of the same name where Alec Guinness starred as a bogus ‘Professor’ who led a gang of hardened criminals on a bank heist – and met a sad end in the home of Mrs Wilberforce, who had unwittingly rented them a room in her bomb-damaged house near a railway line.

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