ID by Stephen Page & About by Elma Kris. Bangarra Dance Theatre. Drama Theatre, Sydney Opera House, July 20 – Aug 20; Heath Ledger Theatre, Perth, Aug 25 – 28; Canberra Theatre Centre, Sep 2 – 3; IMB Theatre, IPAC, Sep 8 – 10; Playhouse, the Arts Centre, Melbourne, Sep 15 – 24.

What is aboriginality? It’s a big question and one that Bangarra’s Belong tries to address.

In an environment when the national debate has touched on this issue - usually by those of non-aboriginal descent - it is appropriate and relevant for the nation’s most respected indigenous dance company to respond.


Improvention 2011 Performance Showcase

The Street Theatre (ACT). 18–24 July 2011

I've reviewed impro theatre in these pages before, but I'd never seen a "longform" improvisation until this week, when I attended an evening containing two such in a week-long impro festival, and they opened my eyes to something beyond the quick-wittedness that is trained into impro performers.

Cole Porter’s Anything Goes

The Production Company. State Theatre, the Arts Centre, Melbourne. Directors: Andrew Hallsworth & Dean Bryant. Musical Director: Peter Casey. Choreographer: Andrew Hallsworth. July 20 – 24, 2011.

The opening night of The Production Company’s staging of Cole Porter’s Anything Goes was a delightful romp. The set, on board an ocean liner, consisted of two decks, the lower one being a metre above stage level, giving plenty of height. The orchestra was placed unobtrusively on the lower deck.

The professional cast was obviously enjoying themselves and tackled the work with enthusiasm. The whole company did an amazing tap dance to the title tune as the finale to the first act. The direction and choreography were excellent.

My Romantic History

By D.C. Jackson Red Stitch Actors Theatre (Vic). July 13 – August 13, 2011.

Written by emerging Scottish playwright D.C. Jackson, My Romantic History is a crisp and clever social satire.  It explores the universal theme of ‘the girlfriend – boyfriend thing’ – dating and finding a life partner and could just as easily be set in Melbourne, sometime in the last forty years, as anywhere.  It is full of delightful quips, unexpected insights and satisfying character trajectories.

The Last Five Years

By Jason Robert Brown. Stories Like These. Director: Luke Rogers. Musical Director: Mark Chamberlain. The Reginald Theatre, Seymour Centre (NSW). July 13 – 30, 2011.

Earlier this year American composer / lyricist Jason Robert Brown toured Australia, giving consummate interpretations of his musical theatre songs in a series of concerts.

Now Sydney is seeing a professional production of his musical The Last Five Years. Also tagged as a song cycle, it’s full of the sort of truthful, intuitive character songs Brown shared with audiences across the country.

Queensland Music Festival

July 15 - 31, 2011
The Little Green Road to Fairyland.

Old Museum, Brisbane. 15-16 July 2011.

So much entertainment royalty is involved in this newly commissioned work: Composer Elena Katz-Chernin; Choreographer/Director Rosetta Cook; Orchestra The Southern Cross Soloists(augmented), under the baton of Sarah-Grace Williams; Soloist Katie Noonan; Narrator Christine Johnston; and eight dancers, some nationally and internationally acclaimed.


By Joanna Erskine. The Old Fitzroy Theatre, Woolloomooloo. July 7 – 30, 2011.

K.I.J.E is a play about the futility of war and the sick absurdity that is often borne of it. In an atmosphere that hangs on a hairpin trigger even the most simplest of jokes can turn violent, even deadly. Standing for the names of the main characters (Konrad, Irving, Jono and Ed) K.I.J.E. is a fictitious character made up by the gang of four to get out of trouble from their commanding officer after some hi-jinx sparked by boredom went awry.

Small Odysseys

By rawcas. Arts House, Meat Market (Vic). 13 – 23 July 2011

Small Odysseys by rawcus is a rich well-crafted work that uses fantastic resources, beautifully, to meld a poignant and haunting experience. Loosely based on The Odyssey it ebbs and flows and certainly depicts journeying, particularly on water.

rawcus is a group of performers with and without disabilities whose work is lead and nurtured by Kate Sulan.


By Joanna Murray-Smith. Directed by Marcelle Schmitz. Studio Underground, State Theatre Centre of Western Australia. July 1-17, 2011.

As William steps through the picture frame doorway of Isabel's art studio, she has exactly ninety minutes to convince him - her ex-husband, to return to her, rather than marry his younger girlfriend, in three days time.

This Is It - Team Mess

Team Mess. Director: Dara Gill. PICA Performance Space, Northbridge (WA). July 13-16, 2011.

If It looks like a duck and sounds like a duck - then its a duck...unless its a turkey.

Invited to a press conference for a new film 'This Is It' and surrounded by journalists recognisable from similar press events, this felt like the real thing.

Team Mess, a Sydney based performing collective, use the format of the press conference to construct a presumed narrative of the film, The audience questions and imput mean that a different show (and unseen film) are created each performance.

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