Lockpick Pornography

Lockpick Pornography
Adaptor/Performer: Christopher Bryant. Director/Dramaturg: Emma Palackic. After the book by Joey Comeau. La Mama Courthouse. Midsumma Festival. Jan 17 - 21.

Lockpick Pornography is an outrageous transgressive production at the La Mama Courthouse, Carlton, as part of the Midsumma Festival.  Performed by Christopher Bryant, who is a multi-talented writer and performer, along with the director Emma Palackic, both have successfully adapted a serialized novella by Canadian writer Joey Comeau.

A solo show, Bryant has delved into his indelible self and offered us a confronting and challenging performance. His quest for truth is resonant in this one-man delivery, addressing the audience with an anarchic-post-punk energy and fashion.

Lockpick Pornograph yis a force to be reckoned with; a powerfully driven anti-narrative story punched with gender-queer adventures. Bryant delivers an exposé on the suburban mayhem malaise within the constraints of a right- wing political climate.

It features a minimal and dimly lit set with a dynamic audio arrangement and uncompromising visual show. Both Palackic and Bryant have managed to tease out the quintessential ingredients from the original source and offered their audience a palatable serving of hair-raising questions that would throw the uninitiated into the deep end.

It is a risqué production which catered for the specificity of the Midsumma audiences and all others who come along for the ride.

Flora Georgiou

Editor's note: We have nee asked by the performer / developer to specify that the reviewed performance was an 'in development' showing.

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