Love and Mistletoe

Love and Mistletoe
By Raymond Hopkins. Stirling Players. Directed by Carole Wilson. Stirling Theatre, Innaloo, WA. Nov 24 - Dec 9, 2017

Stirling Players are celebrating the festive season with the Australian premiere of Raymond Hopkins’ Love and Mistletoe.

The curtains opened to applause for Carole and Ian Wilson’s beautifully designed, constructed and decorated set - which immediately gave a Christmas feel.

This relatively new play centres on the Millards, a couple whose marriage has seen better days. This Christmas Eve, Sue has decided to invite three single ladies to dinner, in order to find a new partner for her father.

Janet Weston is a strong anchor in the central role of Sue. She is nicely paired with Peter Boylen as husband Tom, Peter Neaves is likeable as reluctant sex symbol Brian.

The trio of potential partners are great. Janet Brandwood relishes her role as sexually aggressive Mavis, Julie Holmshaw is loveable as ornithologist Mabel, while Sally Boteler is good fun as Martha.

The Millards’ daughter Felicia is very nicely played by Maree Studel, while surprise love interest Julie Wilkins is played by Charlotte Weber, in a very well constructed performance.

There is some rather awkwardly phrased exposition in this script, which was well handled by the cast, and apart from some slowish scene changes (a little well-chosen music may help), the pace was good.

John Woolrych and Ian Wilson delivered a functional lighting design. The sound design was slightly problematic - a little too explicit in terms of car and door noises that were a hinderance rather than a help.

Very warmly received by the audience, it was great to see a new show.

Kimberley Shaw

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