Lucky: Songs by Kylie

Lucky: Songs by Kylie
Written and Directed by Dean Byrant, Musical Director James Simpson. fortyfivedownstairs, 45 Flinders Lane, Melbourne. 17- 21 January 2018.

Michael Griffiths is renowned for bringing the music of female pop icons to life. His interpretations of Madonna and Annie Lennox established a successful formula with writer/director Dean Bryant. They have now turned their sardonic attention to Kylie. The arrangement and presentation of some of Kylie’s most memorable songs produce a performance that can be enjoyed immensely, regardless of whether you are a big fan. 

Griffiths delivers Kylie’s melodies on a grand piano with style and grandeur and is supported by an astonishing four-piece band. The show also includes anecdotal stories of Kylie’s meteoric rise to fame. This provides ample comic material, but not necessarily at Kylie’s expense. In fact, Griffiths often pays more than respectful homage to her career. 
Griffiths exploits the presence of dedicated Kylie fans to actively involve the audience, and elicits delightful responses to his seemingly whimsical quizzing about her life, loves and TV personality. The effect is rousing and draws in the audience to thoroughly appreciate the sounds she created and how they are so tightly woven into Australian culture.
The show has a great deal of polish and panache and emphasises the cabaret quality of the music. The idea behind the show is ingenious and the delivery strikes exactly the right balance and tone as both as a musical and cultural celebration.

Patricia Di Risio

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