Maybe We’re Never Together

Maybe We’re Never Together
Big West Festival – Uncontained. Written and performed by Kate Hunter and Emilie Collyer. Direction/dramaturgy: Glynis Angell. November 15 – 27, 2011

Kate Hunter and Emilie Collyer, two lovely ‘generation X’ performers, bemuse and delight with this dry and earnest work about the making of performance.

Recently I have seen a number of self-devised works that seem to reference or even exploit the use of theatre games and drama exercises suggesting a lack of time or a limited vision.  Refreshingly, in Maybe We’re Never Together, theatre games and drama exercises are integral to the whole and are used to elucidate issues of power, control, sincerity, compliance and intimacy.  As audience we are privy to much of the manipulation and compromise involved in maintaining a creative working relationship.  And the fruits of this relationship include the revelation of many perceptive and acute insights by virtue of the sincerity of the artists involved.  

In delving into the realms of imaginative creativity some strange and surreal thoughts and themes are examined such as; the guilt involved in dropping babies, smashing out ones front teeth with a hammer for a million dollars and Lowry Organs.  The organ segment lends itself to some stunning characterisation.

Both women have the physical and vocal skills to fully engage an audience and appear to have developed a following - the work was very well received by a full house on opening night.

This is a clever and revitalizing work that is well worth seeing.

Suzanne Sandow

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