Murder Most Funny

Murder Most Funny
By Tony Laumberg. Tap Gallery Theatre, Darlinghurst. August 16 – September 9, 2012.

Murder Most Funny by Tony Laumberg (Bondi Legal) takes the standard murder mystery plot, adds some comedic spice and a slight twist to produce a solid and entertaining product. The play centres on the most famous children’s band in the world, ‘The Giggles’, and adds a murder mystery, a love story, a publicist and a policeman.

On the first night there were some nerves and timing problems. An unresponsive audience which seemed to have channelled Sydney’s sudden cold snap added to these. However, the play was well performed and the three giggles, Jasmin Certoma, Nick Hunter and Seaton Kay Smith provided some energetic comedic moments. Tricia Youlden played twisted publicist, Felicity, with style, whilst Peter Talmacs as Grimley was effective as the pompous and slightly bumbling chief inspector. Jasmin Certoma did well with a slight part, whilst Nick Hunter’s Corey was an honest portrayal of the young man as cynic. However, it was Seaton Kay Smith who stole the most laughs with his portrayal of Kevin, the clumsy, nanny spouting, blue giggle.

The play’s structure and plot are standard, but this is a solid production of warmth and gentle humour. It provides some genuine laughs and is well worth a trip to the atmospheric Tap Gallery Theatre.

Leann Richards

Photos by Geoff Sirmai, Watchdog Communications

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