This Is Not A Love Song

This Is Not A Love Song
Weeping Spoon Productions. Written by Greg Fleet. Directed by Tegan Mulvany. Live music by Mick Moriarty. Adelaide Fringe Festival. Tuxedo Cat. March 2-15, 2015.

What would you get if the makers of High Fidelity had adapted it to the stage as a jukebox musical? Probably something a lot like This Is Not A Love Song.

There is a distinctly Aussie flavour to this engaging and amusing relationship 'dramedy' (particular with its multiple Daryl Braithwaite references). Greg Fleet introduces himself as the older (and wiser?) version of his central character, a charming, talented artist and music buff (played by Shane Adamczak) with an unfortunate habit for self-indulgence, to go along with an absence of self-motivation. Director Tegan Mulvany embodies the tough, smart, loving girlfriend who has reserves of patience and understanding that are as deep as her partner deserves.

There are lots of laughs to be had here, but there is also poignancy in this production, generated by its structure of looking back on one's foolish younger years with regret; Fleet and Mulvany are brave enough to attempt to break convention and have different dimensions in time interact with each other. The end result may not feel especially profound, but it certainly provides a warm, witty, tuneful good time, and it is likely to resonate emotionally with a great many who see it.

Anthony Vawser

Photographer: Paul Robinson

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