Peter Combe in Live It Up and Fry An Egg On a Slippery Dip!!

Peter Combe in Live It Up and Fry An Egg On a Slippery Dip!!
Adelaide Fringe. Presented by Peter Combe. Corona – The Garden of Unearthly Delights. March 9 – 17, 2019.

I don’t honestly think I can say who enjoyed this concert most, the children or the adults. I think the adults knew more of the words and sang louder than the children, but I can also predict that the children present at this concert will be sharing the songs with their children.

The format was simple: songs and dance. The dance section was provided by a group of talented youngsters from Adelaide’s Theatre Bugs, who seemed to be having as much fun on the stage as the audience was having off the stage.

Peter Combe has a knack for writing children’s songs that are catching, funny and good to sing. My children sang them, they have shared them with their children and it was a joy for me to share in my granddaughter’s laughter and delight when listening to and watching the show.

There were old songs and new ones. The old ones went down the best as is the usual way, for who can resist, “Newspaper Mama”, “Spaghetti Bolognaise” and “Wash Your Face in Orange Juice”?

Peter Combe has a welcoming and energetic style when performing and the songs still sounded fresh and fun.

My only grumble about the whole event was the sound, which to my ears wasn’t as balanced and clear as it should have been, but a full house of adoring adult fans and excited children didn’t seem to be deterred by it.

Sally Putnam 

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