Abigail’s Party by Mike Leigh

Ensemble Theatre (NSW). March 26 to May 2

Mike Leigh’s 1977 play Abigail’s Party is rich in biting social satire, minute observation, and subtext, as you’d expect.

Tutankhamun by LaVerne Kirton

Darlington Theatre Players. Marloo Theatre, Darlington (WA) February 27.

Darlington Theatre Players youth group performed this World Premiere, featuring a cast of thirty-nine young people from thirteen years of age. Written and directed by DTP member LaVerne Kirton, this work of ‘faction’ tells of Egypt’s boy king – exploring Ancient Egyptian culture against contemporary music, set in the present day Egypt and the eternal Hall of Judgment.

The Alchemist by Ben Jonson

QTC and Bell Shakespeare Company. Touring

I left the theatre delighted! I’d arrived apprehensive. Bad memories of unfamiliar Shakespeare plays presented by well-meaning community theatre players who couldn’t cope with Elizabethan style were banished. Twenty-two accomplished actors, eight creatives and director John Bell created a simple but flexible performance concept with just a sofa, a table and chairs and two racks laden with costumes.

Travesties by Tom Stoppard

Sydney Theatre Company

Tom Stoppard’s fertile 1974 play Travesties explores the unreliable memoirs of Henry Carr, a minor English consul officer, who recalls his time spent burning the midnight oil in heated discussions with three famous radicals in Zurich in 1918. These three radicals were each engaged in revolutionary activity; James Joyce in literature, Tristan Tzara in art and Vladimir Lenin in political philosophy. With Travesties Stoppard sets up a great debate - what kind of a role can the creative arts play in changing society?

Gutenberg the Musical by Scott Brown & Anthony King.

Presented by Ian Stenlake, Neil Gooding Productions and James Millar. Seymour Centre. (NSW)


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