The Pitch

The Pitch
By James Sweeny and Michael Abercromby. Fringe World. The Alex Hotel, James St, Perth. Jan 22-25, 2020

The Pitch had some of the paciest dialogue in Fringe World. A turbo paced comedy with a hefty dose of the bizarre, it played outdoors on the Terrace of the Alex Hotel.

We join no-hopers Tim (Travis Jeffrey) and Tom (James Sweeny) on the terrace as they prepare to take their film pitch to producers. Possibly the oddest idea for a film for all time, we join this odd couple for the hour before their interview as they nut out the finer details. Very wordy, very funny, with some nicely executed slapstick thrown in for good measure, this is an hour well-spent - if not for our heroes, then definitely for the audience.

Travis Jeffrey is excellent as the seemingly precise, but actually unhinged, self-obsessed Tim, with co-writer James Sweeny acing his role as the unkempt, socially starved Tom. Working with expert synchronicity, they bounce off each other with great comic skills.

When I first arrived at the venue, I thought, well at least if the show isn’t up to scratch, I can always enjoy the great view behind the action. No time for that, with this well written, well executed surprise package of a show.

Kimberley Shaw

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