Puppetry of the Penis

Puppetry of the Penis
A-List Entertainment. Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Athenaeum Theatre, Melbourne. April 3 – 8, 2018

The famous Puppetry of the Penis show is back for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

A far-reaching phenomena, this is a one-of–a-kind show, it will astonish, titillate and shock. It beats any naked-arty-performance hands down! This is the real deal and so damn funny. A wholesome groundbreaking concept that clinched the taboo of male genitalia and set it free.

Two audacious males embrace us with capes and gym shoes, introduce us to their extraordinary prowess of “dick tricks” and on with the show, on either end of the stage with a massive video screen between them.  They are the masters of penis origami - pulling, folding, bulging and scooping their genital tools into creations such as the “Jedi”, ”E.T”, ”Hot Dog”, “Eiffel Tower”, “The Pelican”, to name a few, including their signature piece “The Hamburger” and all projected in close up for our enjoyment.

Back in 1997, a fellow by the name of Simon Morley marketed a calendar that demonstrated his unique ability to manipulate his genitalia. It flopped, so he decided to market the product with a visual demonstration, and that folks is the birth of the Puppetry of the Penis show.

A legendary twenty years since its humble dinky–di beginnings, the show never wanes in popularity, travelling the world all year round, and along with a permanent Las Vegas slot.

A hilariously funny show, everyone should go and see it.

Flora Georgiou

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