Scent Tales

Scent Tales
Directed by Joanne Foley. CircuitWest and Little Y Company. Kalamunda Performing Arts Centre, Kalamunda WA. 7 October 2013

This beautiful, gentle, piece of family theatre is touring regional Western Australia until mid November and is well worth seeking out and seeing.

A fairy-tale of sorts, it has a genuine appeal to all ages and uses beautiful bakery smells to enhance the theatrical experience.

Narrated by Schmooey (Georgia King), a child-woman who is eminently likeable, we follow the story of sisters Bea (Rhoda Lopez) and Sanji (Jo Morris) as they move through jealousy and distrust to a loving relationship.

A highly collaborative piece,(the writing is credited to Joanne Foley, Georgia King, Mischance Ipp, Rhoda Lopez, Corinne Davis and Alexis Davis), this sharing of experience also translates into the performers' relationship with the audience and a feeling of genuine shared experience continues after the play as the audience are asked to share the 'love bread' that is integral to the plot. Audience are given the recipe and encouraged to share the experience even further.

As well as feeling and smelling gorgeous, the play looks beautiful (Monique Wajon delivers a pretty warm looking design) and sounds lovely, with singing from Rhoda Lopez.

A play that you should share with family, whether it be children, siblings, parents or grand-parents, Scent Tales is a wonderful feel-good experience.

Kimberley Shaw

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