She’ll Be Right: A Tradie Cabaret

She’ll Be Right: A Tradie Cabaret
Written and directed by Todd Peydo. Fringe World. Chemistry at the Girls School, Wellington St, Perth Jan 20-26, 2020

Russell “Rusty” Bell at first seems to be your typical Aussie tradie, with his high vis vest, esky of Emu Export and language that would make Grandma blush, but audiences who have joined Rusty, to watch him renovate the old Girls School, have found that within this rough exterior beats the heart of a Broadway Star.

Loveably portrayed by Todd Peydo, a WAAPA Music Theatre graduate with genuine tradie skills, Rusty and his suddenly gifted piano-playing apprentice Spider (the ever smiling, incredibly talented Kohan van Sambeck), take us on a musical theatre journey interspersed with some very funny stories about life as a Broadway belting, tap dancing tradie. Great choices of songs - with some unexpected and unlikely classics.

I never thought I would describe a show where every second word is an expletive, as “cute”, but She’ll Be Right: A Tradie Cabaret, is undeniably cute, as well as being a vehicle for some awesome talent, and is very, very funny.

She’ll Be Right: A Tradie Cabaret will be loved by Musical Theatre aficionados, tradies and a great deal of people in between.

Kimberley Shaw

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