She’s Layered

She’s Layered
By Mia Romero. Red Lip Woman Productions. The Butterfly Club, Melbourne. January 3 and 4, 2020

She’s Layered is a fresh and bubbly exploration of female sexuality. Also sharp and witty, it is performed and written by Mia Romero of Red Lip Woman Productions, who has travelled all the way from San Francisco to the Butterfly Club to present her new cabaret show. 

It is great to see women entertainers break the mold and offer audiences scintillating material that is not only courageous but also colorful. Romero offers a hard punch of light-hearted entertainment, along with an effervescent feminine touch. She is a natural born dancer and singer. Her rhythmic tone and movement set to groovy ‘cocktail hour’ music reminds me of the feisty and sexy talents of Cyd Charisse in many fifties Technicolor musicals.

Romero dips into her ‘exploration box’ and lets her audience know that although stereotypes exist, it should not hinder life choices. The ideal woman in question is more than an appeasing female who marries and thereafter has no life, while the non-ideal woman is a happy go lucky slut – so off they go into her ‘evolution box’, (in hope that times will change). She is no feminist hardliner - she offers playful anecdotes and encourages women to just be themselves - shop till you drop, wear stilettos and use your ‘sneaky female magic’ to get on with enjoying life.

So her mantra really is “shine bright like a diamond’ and if you are not familiar with “Diamonds” by Rhianna, Romero’s version will knock you out. She has a great voice and knows how to use it. She draws on her own life experiences and likens herself to a wannabe Britney Spears (back in her teen years). She has a lot to offer and say about her life and hopes to make a difference to the way women empower themselves. But above all, she really is a bunch of gorgeous fun and entertainment.

Flora Georgiou

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