Six Minutes, 6 Ways

Six Minutes, 6 Ways
Written and directed by Sally Newman. Lyrical Infusion. Fringe World. Townshend Theatre, Subiaco. Jan 24-25, 2020

We see one love story, one set of dialogue, six different ways, in the Fringe World world premiere Six Minutes, 6 Ways from Lyrical Infusion.

Sally Newman’s striking new work blends music and dance with conventional theatre as we watch the same couple at six points in their relationship. The dialogue is also the same each time, although you may not realise that completely at first, given that the context and delivery are so different in each scene.

Intimately presented at the newly labelled Townshend Theatre, this is high impact theatre with strong emotions. Highly emotive and impactful performances from central characters Robert Jackson and Kamara Churchill, well supported by Diana Oliver and Leigh Hunter. Dancer Eibhlis Newman adds an ethereal quality in a lovely performance, while Veruschka Pestano’s beautiful vocals (and keys) give food for thought. Claire Mosel-Crossley’s strong lights and sound help to establish the different feel in each scene.

An interesting piece that leaves exactly “what happened” up to the audience.

Great to see a beautifully realised new work, especially one that is so unique in structure and style.

Kimberley Shaw

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